The Never Ending Winter-What To Do Inside

I don't know how the weather is where you are, but in Indiana, it is crazy. We have some beautiful, warm days in February and now that we're into March, it is snowing 6 inches one day and thunderstorms the next day. Since my littlest is only 5 weeks old, I've been staying at the house mainly; the flu season has just been too scary. 

Because we have been stuck inside, I've tried to research ideas of activities to do inside. And being a SAHM, I always want to reuse things I have in order to not spend money unless necessary.

I found a great magnet and white board set that I've been using. Sometimes we work on the alphabet or Hendrix's name or numbers. I also write with dry erase marker whatever he is matching. 

I know you all have Easter eggs lying around your house and if your kid(s) is like mine, he/she loves to open them to see what's inside. I've been putting random toys in them just for him to find and open later. It is a great way to rediscover some older toys or to jumpstart his play time and imagination. 

I even put some of the magnets in there sometimes. Feel free to hide them as well!

I love putting this paper on the window and putting shapes or letters on it. We've been practicing Hendrix's name this way, too. He can find them and put stickers on them or color them. Even though he's already colored them, he still goes back to it and does it again. 

Other activities we've done: 
-Drawing shapes
-Playing with stickers
-Train and car play (of course)
-Building forts in the living room
-Mini obstacle courses

What are some creative activities you're doing with your littles when you get stuck inside? I'm always wanting more ideas!

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