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The Cutest Geeky Mattress Covers Every Nerd and Geek Will Love

Spoil yourself – and mainly the child inside you!

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. So nothing should stop you to arrange it precisely the way you like it most. It's one of the few places where you can honestly be yourself – and you'll spend about a third of your life in it, according to the science of sleep. What better reason to make it a strong statement of the geek inside your heart?

Kids shouldn’t have all the fun sleeping on sheets and mattress covers inspired by comics and movies. Never mind the whisperers who may tell you that your superhero bedding looks strange or childish; the only thing that should matter is that your different, comics-inspired sheets fill your heart with joy. And you'll sleep like a carefree child, protected by an entire universe of heroes.

Believe it or not, there’s more to characters inspired bedding than just fulfilling a fantasy. The branded, colorful beds offer several benefits for both children and adults. I read an interesting theory which said that boldly colored images stimulate the mental growth of children. For the adults, they create a happy atmosphere and inspire positive feelings, and that leads to better rest.

Superhero-inspired covers transform bedtime into fun time, for children, but they also help the adults relax and unwind. Designing the entire bedroom with a theme may be an enjoyable project and choosing to incorporate characters bedding into it will help the room tell a story that you will love, night after night.

There are so many choices of posh, entertaining sheets and covers that it may be difficult to choose. That's why I picked out a few splendid ideas which can find their way into your bedrooms:

Marvel heroes


If you're a Marvel fan, you will just adore your bed all dressed up in the colors of your favorite heroes, whether you'll only choose the one you like the most or the entire Avengers team. So which is going to be? Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk or maybe Thor?



DC Comics

Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman? You can’t go wrong with any of them. In fact, even your friends will ask for a sleepover! Make sure you know what you want since there are several versions found on the market: some are inspired by the older series; some present the new images of these pop-culture icons.


Star Wars


Mattress covers and sheets animated by the characters and key elements in the Star Wars series are a tremendous hit right now, especially with the release of the new episode of the saga. You can either go for the vintage look and lie down on bedding inspired by the original adventures or pick the fresh vibe brought by Rogue One or the new generation of Jedi.



Witty messages or ideas

It's not all about superheroes! I've come across numerous models which made me smile or just think deeply about their message. But I’m also fond of the bedding that invites you to learn the plans of the starship Enterprise if you can’t fall asleep. Humor and irony are the best medicine when you get home upset, so why not put them on the bed and let them work their magic?

… and so many more

Transformers? Checked! Doctor Who? Of course! Wait, did someone just say Pokemon? Sure! Regardless of your choice of a hero or character, you can have their fantasy world in your bedroom. But you need to be smart about this as well: make sure the covers you intend to buy are also of good quality and that they match your bed: according to mattressmatchers.com, most of such items come in various sizes, to fit either a full, twin, queen or a king mattress. Still, a bit of research never hurt anyone, so do your homework.

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