The Best Gifts for Your Bearded Man

There are so many ways to show love to the bearded man in your life. One great way to do this is getting him a beard gift set. Considering the vast array of beauty products for both genders in the market, most men still find it difficult to pick the best products to keep their body in shape. You probably don’t want to walk around with a man with a scruffy beard. Luckily for men, there are various products to maintain a good-looking beard.

Must-have beard products
  1. Beard Shampoo
This is another great product to gift that every man needs to own. It is made specifically for the beard and there is enough reason for that. You will notice that beard hair is coarser than the hair on the head. The scalp is not as sensitive as the skin underneath the beard-that is why itching is experienced during growth of a beard. Out of discomfort and frustration, most guys decide to shave their beard. The good news is; there is no need to shave! The shampoo cleanses the facial hair by getting rid of bacteria, flakes and dirt. The result is a softer and smoother beard, which makes it easy to comb and spread beard oil to all areas. It also means your man won’t have to worry about beardruff flakes falling on his shirt during the day. The shampoo has the ability to transform any type of beard and is definitely worth your money. You can find these products at HiLee! Plus it will also stop him from using your shampoo!
  1. Beard Oil
Bared oil is a product made of essential oils and carrier oils. It has tremendous benefits to a man’s beard. It doesn’t matter if a man wants to be clean-shaven or is growing a beard - the effects are the same. Carrier oils make up 90% of beard oil while essential oils make up the other 10%. Beard oil has moisturizing, softening and hydrating abilities, which are instrumental in keeping the beard and the skin underneath healthy. When hair follicles push through the skin as the beard grows, it causes itching. Beard oil acts as a supplement to the sebum oil produced by the skin and eventually gets rid of the itching. When a man ignores the itching and leaves his beard dry, the skin becomes flaky leading to beardruff. Applying the oil will keep beardruff at bay. Experts agree that the best time to apply beard oil is right after washing your face.
  1. Beard Balm
This is another great product to gift that a man shouldn’t miss in his beard grooming kit. Most beard balms are made from these four ingredients: essential oils, butter, carrier oils and beeswax. As previously explained, there is a lot of discomfort (itching) during the early stages of facial hair development. Aside from keeping the beard soft to prevent itching, beard balm also nourishes the facial hair. Its hydrating properties help nourish the beard as it grows and also improves its appearance. The balm also ensures moisture stays between the facial hairs while also protecting the beard form the harmful rays of the sun.
  1. Beard comb or beard brush
These two products are designed to serve the same purpose but their qualities set them apart from each other. A beard brush is usually made from animal hair (boar or horse). It is designed to straighten and line the facial hair to give the man the look he desires. The brush also helps remove the dirt and contaminants that accumulate in the beard during the day. An ideal beard comb should be wooden for various reasons. If well taken care of, it can stay for a long time. It’s wide, polished teeth makes it easy to comb through the hair and spread beard and balm oil evenly. Lastly, it stimulates the hair follicles and increases blood flow thus aiding in the growth of facial hair. Beard combs come in various sizes and designs so it’s easier to choose one that suits your man. It will also save you from finding his loose beard hairs in your brush. It’s a win-win. Read more on facial hair grooming tips here!
Some people view men with beards as dirty and paying little attention to their looks. This is because men generally shun beauty products thinking that only women can benefit from them. Generally speaking, a woman will love to stay with a man who has a well-kept beard. Keeping a neat beard is an important part of men's grooming and men's fashion. The above products are meant to keep the beard healthy and ensure your man gives a positive first impression when you’re outdoors. It is a gift set you and your bearded man will love.  

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  1. These are great ideas. My fiance' has a goatee and he always has to have Beard Oil because it gets itchy.


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