Ranger Rob's Top 5 Earth Care Tips #RangerRob

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Earth Day is almost here, and that's reason to celebrate! Our family loves getting outside and taking care of the Earth the best ways we know how. We enjoy planting flowers and fruits & veggies, tending to our yard, and helping out the friendly little pollinators that frequent our property. There are lots of ways to show some love to Mother Earth and to get your kids involved in caring for our planet.

One of our favorite shows Ranger Rob! If you've never seen it, be sure to check it out online or on YouTube! I'm confident that your kiddos will love Ranger Rob and friends!

As we inch closer to Earth Day, RANGER ROB has some great tips for taking care of the Earth!

My family participates in all of the activities listed above with joyful hearts. It's our job to be good stewards of the Earth, taking care of it- not only for ourselves but for those who will come after us. My kids help keep up with the recycling, we plant flowers together, pick up trash or litter when we see it, and we watch the wild animals, instead of trying to get close to them or scare them. Saving water is something we could be better about- but we ditched plastic water bottles a long time ago, and try to carry reusable water bottles, grocery bags, and fabric snack bags and containers, instead of using bags that simply wind up being tossed.

Let's take care of our planet, together!

Be sure to watch Ranger Rob on Earth Day here:

Sprout (US): April 22 – Earth Day Special at 9am, repeating at 3:30pm EST
Treehouse (Canada): April 22- Ranger Rob Marathon 3:15pm-6:30pm ET

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How are you teaching your kids to take better care of the Earth?
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