Protect Your Little One's Ears while Soothing Them with Lucid Hear Muffs

Thank you to Lucid Audio for the Hear Muffs. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Are you on the go with your older children to noisy events and ever wish you had something to block out the noise for your little one? Does your little one enjoy going to games, but hates the loud bands or general noise? Maybe your child is into monster trucks and you want to take him or her to a show. The Hear Muffs are for you then. They not only block out noise, but play four different soothing sounds for your little one. 

Our family loves to go places and do a variety of activities. We also have many nieces and nephews whose events we love attending. Sometimes the noise of crowds or games can be a little much for my kids to stand. I jumped on the opportunity to try the headphones for my kids as my youngest can use them as well. 

The soothing sounds include: Lullaby, Creek, White Noise, and Heartbeat. I really appreciate not only that the headphones can play sounds, but there are choices. My oldest likes White Noise and my youngest seems to enjoy Lullaby. The adjustable headband is great and the cushion is perfect to make the Hear Muffs comfortable. Does your kid like to chew on everything like my oldest? No worries; the Hear Muffs are made with non-toxic materials. Hooray! One less thing to worry about. 

Looking for and researching products to use for your kids can be overwhelming. I don't know how many reviews and articles I've read solely for baby and kid products to determine what to buy. I can tell you Lucid Audio is a 2018 Family Choice Award winner. The headphones are very affordable and definitely worth it if your child needs any kid of ear protection. 

Want it? Buy it!

The Hear Muffs Sounds model is available for $49.95. They are also audiologist recommended. 

If you're not on the market for children's products, Lucid Audio also sells products for adults. If you need headphones for exercising, sound amplification devices, or traditional headphones, check out their products

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