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Preparing Your Home For Summer

Before summer arrives, it could be worth making a few improvements to your home. Here are just a few ways that you can prepare your home for summer.

Keeping your home cool

As the hot weather draws in, it could be time to start using your air conditioning again. If you haven’t used your air con at all over winter, you may want to consider getting the filter cleaned out – air conditioning units can get full of dust and mold when not in use, which will be pumped out into the air the first time you switch them on.

When looking into how to cool down in bed, there are lots of options to explore. You could consider buying thinner bedding made of a material such as silk, which stays cooler longer. You could also consider putting up blackout blinds – these won’t only keep the room cooler, but they’ll stop the summer sunlight waking you up in the morning.

You can buy other options to keep your home cool such as fans and portable air conditioning units. These could be ideal for households that don’t want to fork out on a full air con system.

Getting your garden in shape

You’ll be spending more time in your garden in summer so you may want to make some improvements to your outdoor space now so that you can enjoy these improvements for the entire season.

When it comes to making your garden a better social space, consider creating a designated area for socialising. If you haven’t got a patio or decking area, you could consider building one now. You may also want to try and get some garden furniture such as tables and chairs or even an outdoor lounge set.

Installing outdoor lighting will allow you to stay out in your garden in the evenings. This could be lighting plugged into the mains or solar lighting. Meanwhile, you may want an outdoor heating source for when the temperature drops in the evening – a patio heater or chiminea could be an option.

If you haven’t cleaned the barbecue, you’ll also want to do this now. Meanwhile, you should shop now for a replacement – leave it until summer and the prices of barbecues will be higher.

Sprinklers could also be worth fitting in your garden if your lawn often gets dry. This will keep your grass green and lush through the summer months.

Deterring summer pests

Summer is also unfortunately when all the bugs come out. For deterring wasps and mosquitoes, you could consider a bug zapper which attracts them with a light before electrocuting them. If you find this inhumane, another option could be to buy citronella candles, which are effective against mosquitoes. As for wasps, you can sometimes scare these off by buying a fake wasp nest – any wasps will think that there’s already a colony in your area and will think twice before entering your garden.

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