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Prep U Takes Care of Your Stinky Boys! #Review

Thank you to Prep U for providing me with a sample in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own. 

You know when the weather starts getting warmer and you pull up at school to pick up your son and all of a sudden the car stinks after he gets in?  And goodness if he brings home a couple of friends, I feel like I need to ride with my head out the window.  Our little boys sure have some stinky smells.  We are kinda new in the stinky boy department but Aiden is breaking me in good!  I was very excited for him to try out the Prep U products for boys. 

I wanted to get Aiden a deodorant that isn't full of chemicals and all those things that aren't good for you.  I have recently stopped using regular deodorant because of the aluminum that it contained.  I knew that Aiden would not be happy using the deodorant that I have started using because of the scent. The Prep U products have a refreshing Citrus Mint scent and Aiden likes it.  He hasn't used the powder or the spray yet, but he has used the deodorant for a couple of days and he seems to like it.  He says that it feels smooth and creamy when he puts it on.  

I love the Smell Ya Later tape on the box we received in the mail.

Very nice packaging.

Prep U Deodorant

Aiden checking out his new products.

My favorite part of these Prep U products are that they are the perfect products for the transitional times between baby product and adult male products.  And what is not on their ingredient list is another BIG plus for what my son is going to use on his body!  These products are free of harmful chemicals, have no aluminum or parabens and are made with essential oils that is gentle on the skin. 

The story of how Prep U products came to be:

The idea for Prep U came from a frustrated parent of two smelly sons (aren’t they all) who couldn’t find an answer for how to get them clean without protests from the boys over using “baby” products or them smelling like a couple of frat boys on their way to a party. Surely if her family was frustrated by the lack of age appropriate personal care options for her sons, other parents of young boys were facing a similar predicament.

It’s a fact of life that boys eventually start to smell. No matter how cute or precious, as they begin to mature and their hormones change, odor caused by sweat and dirt – so much sweat and dirt – naturally begin to cause odors of varying degrees of intensity. For most boys this is a precursor to puberty, but it isn’t uncommon for boys as young as 5 to require some form of odor prevention or deodorizer.

Want it?  Get it!
Head on over to the Prep U website to learn all about their products.  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Special thanks to my friends at Prep U for allowing Aiden and I to try out your products.  It has been a pleasure to work with you.


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  1. These sound like great products. My guy needs the powder for his sneakers!


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