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National Good Deeds Day

We should always perform a good deed for the simple act of doing one can make a world of difference to someone else.

Good deeds are a good way of giving back to the community and teaching our children the importance of sympathy, empathy, and humanity.  These skills empower our children to take a stand and face problems and create solutions.

Ideas for Good Deeds
1. Donating gently used items to the Goodwill or local shelters
2. Spending time with an elderly neighbor or at an assisted living facility.
3. Donate time for mentorship 
4. Tell someone a joke
5. Hold the door open for someone

With so many options available encouraging your child to think of a good deed allows for you to see their progress in learning these important traits.  Children need to be shown how to care for others and by doing it together they will see the impact they can make.

What will your good deed be today?

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  1. Very nice post. I have a bunch of things I am going to donate!


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