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My Corduroy!

This is one of my most treasured possessions....my Corduroy Bear.  My Granddaddy bought this bear for me in the hospital gift shop on the day I was born.  I have loved this precious bear for 47 years.  He helped me through many things growing up and I loved his fur right off of him.  He has had many visits to the "hospital" and had spots sewn back together.  He know lives in a drawer in my nightstand by my bed.  He didn't get the name Corduroy until I was old enough to read and I just knew that my favorite book was named after my bear!

I read this book daily for years as a little girl.  I had it memorized.  When I had a child of my own, this was one of the first books that I put on his bookcase.  I just knew that this book was all about MY bear.  My mom even made my bear some overalls, just like the bear in the book.  When the children in my class brought their favorite book to share with the class a couple months ago, this was one that a little girl brought in.  It brought back so many childhood memories while reading this book to my kiddos in my class.  I will always love my Corduroy Bear and this sweet book!

It's fun to go back and read books from my childhood.  In the profession I am in, I have that opportunity and I am thankful every day for it!

What is your favorite childhood book?

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  1. That is so awesome you still have that bear. I had a jointed teddy bear that I loved as a little girl.


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