Maternal Instincts: Using Your Experience As A Mother To Forge A Career

Being a mother is one of the most unique experiences in the world. Of course, it's not that unique, because there are so many other mothers out there! But because you learn so much about the act of parenting by being a mother, and, right from the moment that your child was conceived, you have developed a unique bond with your baby. But also, you've learned so much about life up to this point, it can be wisdom that you can impart to others.

While so many mothers out there take their experiences of being a parent and help others, if you find a way to earn some money on the side, but you don't have much in the way of professional experience, how can you harness your abilities as a mother to earn, not just some extra cash, but forge a new career pathway for yourself?

Being An Online Retailer
There are various resources online, such as Amazon Associates, also, you can make a living by selling specific items on sites like eBay. In terms of using your parenting skills, on sites like Amazon Associates, you could earn commission by showing your enthusiasm for a specific item that saved your bacon when you were a young mother, such as a specific muslin cloth, teething ring, and so forth. The great thing now, especially with regards to social media, is that you can post Amazon Associates links and tell your friends about it. If one of your friends buys a certain product that you raved about, you will then get a percentage of the sale. Your friend doesn't need to pay the extra money, but you make some yourself! It is small fry, but at the very start, it's a way to earn a little bit of cash on the side.

Teaching Exercise Classes
If you found specific fitness routines to help you keep fit during your pregnancy, or you thoroughly empathize with the modern mother who can't get an exercise routine in to save their life, you could register as an instructor. There are sites like Moms Into Fitness, where you can sign up to register as a fitness coach. As parents, we can struggle to look after our own health and fitness, so, this gives you an outlet for earning money, but it's also a great way to keep fit. This will keep you focused on your own health, but you can earn money to keep fit. This is something so many mothers do now, because it is the only option they have in which to keep fit!

Freelance Writing
If you have a million and one stories on parenting that you feel should be communicated, and you've got a unique angle, freelance writing could be the way in for you! Of course, the great benefits of freelance writing is that you predominantly work from home. There are many blogs out there, specifically parenting ones, that look for contributions to their site. It can be a difficult career to break into, especially if you're looking to get paid right off the bat, but if you can build up a portfolio of writing, then this is going to give you a distinct advantage over others. You can do this by…

Starting A Blog
Everybody has a blog nowadays, but, you can start one that's not just for you and a couple of followers, and if you get it right, you could find yourself earning considerable money for it. Of course, with a lot of these blogs now, especially parenting ones, you need to have a little bit of knowledge behind you as to how you can make your blog travel further. Having a little bit of knowledge on SEO techniques always helps, but if you are trying to make money out of your blog, a lot of bloggers do this by specific marketing techniques, such as if a site pays a blogger to talk about a specific product, that is a way they can get some money. To do this, it can take some time, but with any of these types of businesses, you're looking at a year of hard slog. You can also check Gedlynk and see for tools you need to get it started.
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Teaching Antenatal Classes
As a parent, you know exactly about the process of being pregnant, so this is a great way to earn money, by teaching expectant mothers about the ins and outs of pregnancy. Commonly, both parents go to an antenatal class, and they are looking for answers and solutions in which to not feel so panicked about the impending birth! This is where the right person, with the ability to communicate the process of pregnancy in a calm and considerate manner, will help so many expectant parents. The great thing about this type of opportunity is that it is usually just an hour or so in the evening, and it's all about discussing parenthood. For those people who post antenatal classes, this is, essentially, being paid to talk about something you love. As a mother, you have so much experience to impart on to those who don't have it, that you could take to this like a duck to water. And it's not like you have to go far away to do this, you can teach these classes in your local area.

As a full time parent, it can be difficult to find the right career that earns you a decent wage packet. There are so many careers that aren't flexible, and require a specific amount of experience, that, as a mother, you can feel sidelined. This is why using your experience as a mother is your best advantage in carving a career out for yourself. Whether it's starting a blog specifically for mothers, teaching antenatal classes, or using your own knowledge about specific baby products to help other mothers online, you need to use your unique parental experience. And while there are other opportunities you can do from home nowadays, such as admin work, this isn't the most interesting of career options. Instead, by using your experience as a parent, you are talking about things you have an inherent knowledge of, but also, if it works well, you could potentially start a sideline that blossoms into a full time career when the kids are old enough!

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