Jenny Life: The Smartest Way to Shop for Life Insurance

This is a sponsored post with Jenny Life Insurance and BraVoMark. All opinions are mine.

When I was in my early twenties and working full time, I thought I was really busy. I had my own life, had plans to get married, and had my fair share of responsibilities and projects going on. Fast-forward to 10+ years later, I'm a wife and mom to two kids who keep me on the move seventeen or so hours a day. My mommy responsibilities begin the moment I wake up each morning, and carry through all the way until I lay my head down at night.

One thing that I didn't have to worry about all those years ago, was life insurance. I knew what it was, why I needed it, and was thankful that my parents had policies for me and my sister... and paid for them as long as it was allowed. Now that we're parents, my husband and I do our fair share of grumbling over all of the adult-like things we have to do, but life insurance isn't something that we take lightly. For us, it isn't just something that we think we ought to have. It's something that we budget for and make a priority.

'Nobody has time for that!'

You might think that the process of shopping for life insurance is a waste of time. Many have applied for life insurance time and time again and have been put through the ringer with blood tests, having to provide urine samples, and answer a thousand questions- all to wind up denied for life insurance. Nobody has time for that. What if I told you that you could shop and apply for life insurance right from your phone- no matter where you are or what time of day it is?

Meet Jenny Life, a convenient app which uses modern technology to help busy moms like me (and you) get life insurance and protect their families. All it takes is a few minutes to download the app, and apply for insurance, all from your smartphone. That's right- no exams, no waiting!

With Jenny Life, I can find life insurance when it's convenient for me. I often sit in the pickup line at my son's school 10-15 minutes before school lets out so my little girl can take a cat nap in the car while we wait. This is a great time for me to put the car in park and browse for life insurance. I nurse my daughter to sleep each night and usually browse news articles on my phone for 10-15 minutes while she falls into a deep sleep. This is another prime time for me to quickly find life insurance through Jenny Life.

Quick to download and easy to use!

Simply download the Jenny Life android app or the Jenny Life iTunes AppStore App to get started.
Jenny Life is available in 48 states (all but Montana and New York). You can also get started on the Jenny Life website at Time with my little ones is far too precious to waste on things that don't pan out. I want to soak up every second I can get with them because I just don't know what tomorrow might bring. I want to be prepared for anything and make sure my kids are protected and cared for.

What about the Jenny Life app appeals to you?


  1. I haven't heard of this app before. I should give it a try! Seems very easy to use.

  2. I haven't heard of this app before now. It sounds like a great idea. Is a shame that it isn't available in Australia.


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