Here's to Wedded Bliss and Preparing for Vacation- Weekends with the Wigglesworths

Happy Saturday, friends! This weekend we'll be keeping busy with a wedding (Matt's cousin Jen is getting married a little later today) and lots of last minute vacation prep work (packing, finalizing rides and flight information etc). I'm ready to just crawl back into bed for (at least) a few more minutes, but I can't because.....

What Will We Wear?

The girls got some cute dresses last weekend, but it looks like I did jinx things when I mentioned spring finally arriving. It's going to be COLD today. We're going to have to run out and find some cardigans for them to wear so they won't be too cold.

Weddings would be pretty cool, and probably a lot less expensive if everyone wore pajamas! I think I'm onto something for our vow renewals! 

 Since I'm a slacker, I still have to figure out what on Earth I am going to be wearing to this wedding. My mom wardrobe consists mostly of jeans and t-shirts, so I'll be doing the "I have nothing to wear" chant within the next hour or so. I'll try to fight it off, but it happens almost every time I have to dress up. I need a more diverse wardrobe (I say that every time too). 

As usual, Matt will find something that works and get himself ready in 30 minutes. It drives me bonkers! I'd say I wish I was a guy, but I really don't. I just wish it was as easy for me to get ready for things. 

And Then There's Tomorrow!

Thankfully, no dressing up is required for tomorrow, but we'll still be running around. Our upcoming trip is the biggest secret we've ever kept from the girls, so I'm excited, but I'm also kicking myself because that means they can't really help us pack. I'd like to get it all taken care of today because during the week I'll be busy making sure everything is taken care of for work and when I'm not doing that I'll be volunteering at the girls' school for the book fair! 

Are you planning any trips? If you have advice for last minute preparations, please feel free to share your wisdom in the comments. I hope you have a fantastic weekend! 

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