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Head into Spring with Plumeria! #MBPSpotlightSponsors #review

Thank you to my friend, Becky Harmon for providing me with Plumeria samples in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own. 

I am happy to introduce you to my new friend, Becky Harmon.  Becky is an Independent Director with Plumeria and she sent me some wonderful products to try out.  If you haven't heard of or tried Plumeria products then you are in for a real treat!

I love anything bath and body.  I love smelly lotions and fun bath products.  Becky asked me about trying out her bestseller which is the Magnesium Cream.  It is good for so many problems that keep you from feeling your best...high blood pressure, anxiety, cramps, stress, heartburn and many, many more daily problems that we all experience at times.  I was very excited to try out the Magnesium Cream in the Lavender.  I love Lavender anything!  

Dreamy Time Magnesium Cream

I love a brand new cream!  This has become my best friend!

The day I opened my package from Becky, I just happened to have a headache.  I always get them in my neck.  I immediately tried out the Magnesium Cream.  It smelled great and was so smooth and creamy.  I have used creams before that just feel "cakey" and this one massaged right into my skin.  I rubbed it on the back of my neck and it was very soothing.  I could definitely tell that the headache in my neck eased off after applying the cream.  I have used it on my leg during the night a couple of times for leg cramps.  I love the smell of it the best.  It is so calming and soothing.  This has become my friend the past week.

Becky was also so sweet to send Aiden a surprise in my package.  He received a Shark Attack Cupcake Bath Bomb.  This boy of mine loves sharks and he was so excited to receive this.  It looked good enough to eat.  Aiden could not wait to use this.  I happened to have an errand to run and told him I'd take some pictures when I returned of the bath bomb.  He was so excited he couldn't wait.  I was in line at the grocery store when I started receiving text pictures of him using the bath bomb.  So, the pictures of the use of the bath bomb are taken by a very happy 9 year old.

Shark Attach Cupcake Bath Bomb in Cotton Candy

The shark fin was actually soap.

He said he loved the fizzy part.

And that this was the coolest.  The blood!

He soaked in the tub for about 30 minutes!

Aiden really enjoyed the Shark Attach Cupcake Bath Bomb.  He doesn't usually take a bath, but he has asked for more bath bombs.  He loved that the shark fin was a piece of soap that he could use to wash with.  This was a fun surprise for him to find tucked inside the box.  Thank you, Becky!

Plumeria has so many more products that I want to try out.  They offer bath salts, products for your face, lotions and soaps, just to name a few.  There is something for everyone in your family!

Want it?  Get it!
Becky is waiting to help you with anything that you would like to try from Plumeria.  She can't wait to show you all she has to offer.  You can connect with her on her website. I can't wait to see what your favorite products are.

Special thanks to Becky for allowing Aiden and I to try Plumeria. 
 I hope you will enjoy it as much as we have.

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