Date Night: Record Release for Frank Viele

I meet some incredible people through my job.  One of my favorite meets was to Frank Viele, our furniture manager who just happens to be a rock star.  For obvious reasons, he is a rock star in sales, but he is literally a rock star.  

I am so excited to have been a VIP guest at a live show for Frank. With travel dates all over the country, a record of the year in New England, and the title of Male Performer of the Year one would not know about how humble he is.  He is one of the sweetest guys and his talent is out of this world.  

In concert he is amazing, because he talks about his beginnings, where he got the motivation for his songs, and speaks with such passion for his love of music.  All the while he doesn't forget where he came from. He gives so much credit to his band and his beautiful mother.  

Despite knowing the singer and having VIP seating, of course I still "geeked" out and bought his CD"s and this super cute t-shirt. 
Thank you Frank for an awesome, once in a lifetime experience. Keep rocking those charts and making beautiful music.

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