Bring A Glow To Outdoor Events

An outdoor gathering or event is a combination of various stimuli, including lights and sound. This makes it very important for an event or gathering organizer to make the right kind of arrangements for lighting up the outdoors. Depending on the ambiance that is desired to be created and the nature of the event or the gathering, the lighting needs to be chosen for a great outdoor gathering.

The right ambiance to outdoor events
Festoon lights have evolved over the years and are presently available in designs that are both stunning and long-lasting. If a party hall requires the lights to be left out on an almost permanent basis, it is now possible to do so with the high quality of lighting options presently available with LED lights. Earlier models of lights that comprised halogen bulbs were not the best for permanently decorating the outdoors. The new crop of LED lights are manufactured from commercial grade materials that resist the vagaries of nature and performance with the same dazzling brilliance.
Choosing the right lumens
An organizer of an event may at times find it befuddling to make the right choice of lights. The choice can actually be made very easily by determining the role of the lights. While it is true that these lights are primarily mood setting, they also have a role to play in illuminating areas either brightly or subtly. By determining how the lights need to illuminate an area and set the mood, it is possible to make the right choice of lights. For instance, if the area around food and drink counters need to be lit up, it would be best to choose LED filament lights between 2000K and 2200K.
Difference between brightness and consumption
Most individuals typically tend to confuse themselves between brightness and the power consumption. The unit of brightness is what needs to be effectively considered when looking for the right lights. In LED lights, the standard measurement for lumens is 1W equals 100 lumens. Using this as a reference it is possible to choose the right kind of lighting to meet specific requirements.  Before making a choice of lights for use in an outdoor setting, it is important to take into consideration a few factors. For instance, it is highly likely that a sudden burst of rains will hit the place, therefore the lights need to conform to standards that make them waterproof. The standard that determines compliance is IP44, and before zeroing in on the choice of lights, it is important to check if the lights adhere to IP44 standards.
Lights need to be of a design where it is possible to link up smaller segments to create a large string of lights of a particular color and in a design to meet aesthetic requirements. The lights need to be UV resistant and should be compatible with standard Australian power outlets of 240V. It is important to ensure that the spacing of the lights even and distributed in a manner so as to offer the best output, in terms of visual splendor as well as keep power consumption low and optimized.

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