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Brick Loot: The Monthly Subscription Box for Kids Who Love Bricks

Thank you to Brick Loot for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

Are your kids crazy for bricks? When I was pregnant with my son B (7), all my husband could daydream about was the two of them building with LEGOs. Years and tons of bricks later, the two of them can be found on many an afternoon or early evening, building their hearts out. When we want to surprise or reward B for a job well done, we always turn to something he can build or create. Recently, we've found that the coolest surprise of all comes in an awesome monthly brick themed subscription box!

Brick Loot: The Monthly Subscription Box for Brick & LEGO Fans

B is always up for checking out a cool surprise & there's no surprise cooler than a mystery box filled with brick and LEGO-inspired goodies!

Brick Loot is a monthly subscription box for kids who love LEGOs and bricks. It was started by (you guessed it) a cool kid who loves bricks! Brick Loot’s CEO, Parker Krex, started reviewing LEGO sets on YouTube when he was 4 and was always looking for ways to fund his LEGO addiction. When he was 9, he and his mom came up with the business idea at one of their yearly garage sales and they put together a "Shark Tank Type" pitch to get daddy as an investor. It worked!

A LEGO-Inspired Box filled with cool brick sets & accessories!

 Just one of the cool items in our latest Brick Loot Box a custom Brick Loot build set!

Brick Loot monthly boxes feature 4-5 LEGO themed or LEGO style products. A few years ago, they featured actual LEGO products, but they now feature their own exclusive Brick Loot building sets & accessories. The box we recently received included 5 products: 2 building sets, a mini figure, a light up brick & LEGO inspired ball cap. It also included a 'What's in the box' brochure to tell us more about each product in the box.

Exclusive Builds with 100% REAL LEGO Bricks!

 Brick Loot's Building Sets are comprised of REAL LEGO bricks!

The Brick Loot box we just tackled was awesome, and B was thrilled to find not just one, but two sets to build. The Speedway Racer Arcade Set included nearly 100 pieces, and the Motorcycle Madness Set included 69 pieces. B is a LEGO master, so the sets took him around 15 minutes to complete, and he couldn't wait to take them into his room and add them in with his newest LEGO sets featuring MINECRAFT, STAR WARS & THE AVENGERS.

LEGO Master B, kickin' it Brick Loot style in his new PAC hat which came in the Brick Loot box and workin' on his Speed Racer Set.

Min Figs & Accessories 

 A cool new mini figure & LED Light Kit!

Everyone knows that accessories and mini figures make enjoying LEGOs much more fun! A cool little Game ON II Mini Figure came in the latest Brick Loot box. Plus, the box included an awesomely cool LED Light Kit. Just plug the brick into a USB & watch it blink away! It's a really fun addition to any building set, car, etc.

When I think about how much traditional LEGO sets cost, and compare them to what comes in a monthly Brick Loot box, the value is pretty incredible! B would love for us to subscribe to Brick Loot so he could keep on receiving a monthly box, and we might just do that- or suggest it as a gift idea. With an ongoing subscription, it's the gift that keeps on giving!

Want it? Try it!

Brick Loot offers 1, 3, 6 months and 1-year subscription options that range in price from $24.88 to $27.28/month + shipping and you can see all the details on their website at www.brickloot.com. They currently ship to 10 countries currently USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Australia. Don't forget to shop Brick Loot products in the MBP Amazon Shop!

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Special thanks to Brick Loot for allowing us to share about their cool monthly subscription box for LEGO lovers! 
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