What Exercise Can Really Do

A mom on the go- literally all the time  I found I was feeling tired and rundown.  I also gained so much weight I knew I needed to make some changes.

Inspired by my husband, who had high blood pressure and was bordering on diabetes we have decided to make some serious lifestyle changes.  Exercise and diet was no longer an optional choice it was a life saving requirement.

In 2016, my husband started running for exercise and to relieve stress.  At his heaviest he was 255 pounds.  His weight would fluctuate and he was not seeing the results he wanted.
Fast forward to December 2017: he was snoring, his blood pressure was high and his doctor told him he needed to make changes to his diet or he could have a heart attack or stroke.  Talk about a wake up call.  Now just three short months later his blood pressure and weight is down.  He has lost sixty pounds.

How did he do it?  Clean eating, vigorous exercise, and being conscience of what he is putting into his body.

How To Make the Change
1. Don't deny yourself the foods you like to eat- moderation is always key.  Utilize the serving sizes listed on the packages and follow them.
2. Stop eating processed foods- visit the produce section of the grocery store and choose organic meats.
3. Fit in exercise- a minimum of 30 minutes a day. A walk around the block, interactive video games such as Wii Fit or Just Dance, or even doing squats while you watch television.
4. Set realistic expectations and goals. By setting goals, time frames, and knowing your limits you will see progress and be motivated.
5.  Have a support system. Get a workout buddy, join an online exercise group, or even a club.
Having a support system boosts motivation and gives you motivation when you fear you don't have any.

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  1. I have really failed in the area of exercise and diet this past year. I need to step it up and take charge with my health this year. The support system is a great idea.


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