The Car Maintenance Cheat Sheet Every Driver Should Have

If I had to rely on my own kowledge of cars and the maintenance that goes along with them, I'd be sunk. I'm lucky to be married to a man who truly cares about keeping our cars running smoothly. He knows when the oil was last changed or the tires were last rotated. If I had to guess on either of those tasks, I'd probably draw a blank. I don't mind relying on my amazing hubby for certain things, but I really need to pay more attention to my car's needs.

I came up with a simple and easy to follow cheat sheet for taking care of 'ol Blue. If my husband happens to be out of town, I need to know how to do simple things or answer simple questions when it comes to my car.

Here are the things that should be checked every month:

Oil Level
Check to see if the oil level is low. Add oil if it's needed. You should also regularly check your car for oil leaks when you check the oil level. Newer cars often have oil level indicators which will automatically let you kow if you need to add oil.

Hoses and Belts
Check hoses and belts for cracks, leaks, bulging, and noises that seem off. Brittle hoses or belts may apear worn or frayed and should be replaced.

Tire Pressure
Hving the right amount of air pressure in all tires at all times is important. Be sure to pay attention to the air level indicatior for your tires. You can also check the air pressure manually. Add ait to your tires if they are low on air.

Coolant or Antifreeze
Check for leaks and add more if running low.

Air Filter
Just as you check and change the air filters in your house, you should also check and change them in your car. Check for cracks and replace when dirty.

Tires should be checked more ofen than once a month. Every week is a good rule of thumb. Check the tire pressure, and also check the tread on the tires.

If you don't know how to check these elements of your car by yourself, you really should consider asking someone who is knowledgable about cars to show you. You might also check out various tutorial videos on YouTube, which can show you the basics when it comes to checking and maintaining your car.

Keeping your car running smoothly by performing monthly maintenance checks. There are also things you'll want to check every three months and every six months, such as:

Oil and Oil Filter, which sould be changed every three months.
Fluids, such as transmission fluid, wiper fluid, and power steering fluid.
Check lights and batteries every three months.

Every six months, you should check:
Wiper blades (replace if damaged)
Brakes and horn
Spare tire
Exhaust System

Some of these larger ticket items may need to be checked by a trusted mechanic. Be sure to find one who is reliable and recommended by others you know and trust.

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