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Teething Necklaces: Letting You Celebrate the Milestone Without Dreading the Pain

Teething. Isn’t it amazing? Slowly but surely, those little nubs push their way up through the gums, growing up like the first bulbs of Spring. Unlike those eagerly-awaited harbingers of warmer temperatures, the first response to seeing little mounds under our little one’s gums is usually less than excited anticipation; it often looks more like the horror of impending doom.

We envision gallons of drool and the resulting laundry pile, helpless floor-pacing trying to soothe a baby in pain, an on-the-go bag packed with cooler bags of chilled teethers. We just know the next several weeks of our life are going to be filled with sleeplessness, helplessness, and inconvenience, not to mention the pain that we know our child will endure.
What if there was a way to approach the growing pains of teething with confidence? With the same excitement that you feel when Spring’s first signs break through the ground? What if the focus could be on how much fun it is going to be to introduce new flavors and textures to your baby? On the newness and shared experience of growth rather than the difficulty it takes to get there?
According to a growing number of parents, that is exactly the kind of perspective shift that a Baltic amber necklace for baby teething has provided. With the painful symptoms of teething consistently controlled, these parents – and their fortunate little ones – are able to experience the wonder and joy of development rather than having their lives revolve around pain management.
So, What Is a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace and What Does It Do?
It is an infant/toddler-sized necklace, carefully constructed of small, individually-knotted beads, that is worn close against your baby’s skin underneath their clothing. The important part of these necklaces is that they are made from certified Baltic amber. Research has shown that amber – or fossilized tree resin – that is harvested in the Baltic region (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) contains a uniquely high concentration of succinic acid. While we may not be familiar with this substance, our bodies are. Succinic acid is a natural analgesic (pain reliever) and anti-inflammatory (swelling reducer) produced in limited quantities by the human body.
As these little beads of Baltic amber are worn against your baby’s skin, they are warmed, continuously releasing succinic acid. This steady supply is absorbed through the skin and put to immediate use reducing the swelling in your teether’s gums and controlling their pain at the receptor sites. This, in turn, stops the body’s drool response and normalizes both mood and sleep patterns. All of the major symptoms of teething are effectively controlled without bulky teething toys or complicated dosing schedules with synthetic medications. One simple addition of a necklace to your morning dressing routine, and your little one experiences significant relief.
Teething necklaces are not only capable of calming a teething child; they put the worries of a parent at ease, as well. Succinic acid is natural, recognized and used well by the body, and is not stored in tissues or fat; there is no risk of overdose and no adverse side-effect. And at around $20, this single-purchase, durable product won’t hurt your budget.
Teething. It is a season of growth and newness. It deserves to be returned to a time of excitement and celebration.

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