National Inhalants and Poisons Awareness Week

Baby proofing is a common action for all parents to be.  This week we focus on the awareness of what inhalants and poisons can do.  We have done the baby proofing, but there is so much more to know when they are older.

A child is 50% less likely to try an inhalant if an adult has spoken to them about the dangers of inhalant abuse.  In addition, 90% of accidental poisonings occur at home- by keeping products stored out of reach and out of sight, you can prevent accidents.” (Alliance for Consumer Education)

Things to Know 
 Certain chemical cleaners can cause noxious gases: don’t mix cleaners.  Keep the work area properly ventilated.

 Keep track of prescription medications: make sure medications are stored properly and monitored. Children look at these pills as candies and teenagers may hear how to use the pills for getting under the influence.

Do not be afraid to have the "talk" again with your children.  Every year there is a different challenge for them to try.  Without understanding the dangers our children are tempted to try these challenges and they can end up seriously hurt or worse.

For more information 
Alliance for Consumer Education
National Inhalant Prevention Coalition

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