Marvel Studios' AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Trailer and Poster Now Available!

MARVEL fans, this is what we've been waiting for! Every MARVEL movie that has come out since AVENGERS Age of Ultron has been leading up to this momentous occasion. I'm sure I'm not the only one who could just sit and watch MARVEL movie after MARVEL movie. My husband and I have spent many a Saturday night re-watching some of our favorite MARVEL movies (ahem- Iron Man), and most recently, we saw BLACK PANTHER on the big screen and THOR RAGNAROK on our home screen.

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR is being released in theaters a week earlier than initially slated, and MARVEL fans across the world are counting down the days! You know the MBP girls can't wait to see it, and we're excited to share this new poster and brand new trailer for the upcoming movie with you this weekend!

Hold onto your handbags, here we go...

Whaaaat? This Guardians of the Galaxy - Avengers crossover is going to be amazing! My husband swore this day would come, though I was skeptical. I am so excited to see these guys and gals all together on the big screen. Not sure which character I'm most excited to see, but I can bet that I won't be disappointed.

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AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR opens in theaters everywhere on April 27th

Which characters are you most excited to see?

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