Hug a GI Day

Today is a day we give thanks to all the men and women that stand in military uniforms.  Today is Hug a GI Day.  
I have a lot of friends and family in the military and my son is looking to join when he turns 18.  They give so much of themselves when they serve that they are forever changed.
Their experiences are dangerous, scary, and traumatic.  These are the feelings and experiences we protect our children from with hugs and kisses so it is only right to hug a GI today.

This is my handsome brother in-law, Stephen,  He has served in the military since he was 18, serving as an army medic.  After 25 years of honorable service and sacrificing along the way, he has retired and is now volunteering as a firefighter.
Stephen has a penchant for being an honorable man, both personally and professionally.  He works to help people no matter what the consequence can be to himself, but does it effortlessly.  His service will forever be an accomplishment.  I am sending hugs today, because you deserve them.  I am hoping those that reading this may see you, or someone as wonderful and give a hug to.
Thank you for your service. I am so blessed to have you in my life.

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