Half A Decade Ago- A Not So Wordless Wednesday

It's hard for me to believe this picture was taken 5 years ago. It feels like just yesterday, but also like a lifetime ago. D was a few months into being 6 and R was just a few months shy of her first birthday. This was a random picture, a "just because my kids are so cute" picture. 

I don't recall anything specific about the day this picture was taken, but I'm sure it probably wasn't as "perfect" as the image might have (unintentionally) alluded to. I was a stay at home mom to two young girls, I didn't have my own car at the time, and my kids were 6 and nearly 1.

This picture makes me smile though. Not only because I love the people in it, but because it reminds me that any struggles are usually temporary. I don't recall any of the stressful moments of that time, but there must have been a few. I'm certain there were days that I felt I had been pushed to my "absolute limits", but here I am today, smiling at a beautiful picture of my sweet sweet girls.

I take comfort in the fact that one day in the future, today's struggles won't even be a memory to me. I will look at pictures from today, perhaps 5 years from now, and just smile because I love the people in them! 


  1. It is an adorable picture, and a good reminder to take those pics. You are right most of our current everyday struggles won't be what we remember.

  2. Thanks Melissa! There are days I need all the reminders I can get to remember that what I am struggling with in the moment is likely not as *big* as it seems!


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