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9 Things to Know About March 9th

I am fascinated with trivia and believe it is important to learn something new everyday.  I find that every day that passes contains a memory, a day of observance, or a day in history that is infamous.  

Fun Facts for March

1. March is adopt a rescued guinea pig month

2. March 9th is known as Barbie Day- Barbie came out today in 1959.
3. March is named for the Roman God of War, Mars
4. The flower for March is either the daffodil or violet

5. The birthstones for March symbolize courage
6. Roman Calendars started with the month of March and were only 10 months 
7.  Today is Get Over it Day
8. Today is also Middle Name Pride Day
9. The 9th is the start of the Paralympic Winter Games- This is an international sporting event in which those with physical limitations can compete in ice an snow sports. 

What are you working on getting over?
Do you have a middle name?
What fun facts do you know?

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  1. Such interesting facts - I didn't know any of them! I'm working on getting over a missed promotion at work.


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