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Cleaning Doesn't Have to Be Boring: 4 Tips to Make It More Fun

We've all been there.
On one hand, who likes being surrounded by a complete mess in their own home sweet home? On the other...well, getting the initial burst of motivation to clean up around can be a tough challenge.
There's plenty of research pointing out that if we pair up studying with games, the overall process is more effective. It's also way more motivating and fun to do.

Cleaning is not devouring chapter after chapter in your good old college textbook. However, it's easy for us to view both of them as imperative tasks that seem boring and too much work.

Here are 4 quick tips to spice up the cleaning experience a bit!

Get your groove on

I've always listened to music when studying for my exams. It improved my concentration and set me in the mood for long study sessions.

Rushing around my apartment to conquer those hills of dust or remove the dirty spots is not much different. With one caveat: I prefer a more energetic, cheerful setlist while doing that.

I've found that cleaning in silence can get pretty depressing in no time. Opening up YouTube and playing a few of your favorite tracks transforms this into a completely new experience.

Sadly, vacuum cleaning doesn't benefit from this little trick, though!

Set a specific time & date to do it

Inconsistency in our habits is a real motivation killer. The harsh truth is establishing a routine is vital for how we function.

Yes, I know there are people who absolutely loathe the rigidity of that, but...For most people (including me), having a routine means staying motivated and punctual in your tasks.

Cleaning small spots – like the spilled Cola on your countertop, is of course done immediately. The specific time in this case would be 'Right about now!'

For a more thorough cleaning session, though? I'd advise you to set not only a specific day, but also a specific hour.

(No, 'somewhere around late afternoon' doesn't work!)

In my case, Sunday 4 PM is major cleaning time. My brain is now accustomed to that habit so I have little issue with mustering up the motivation to get to work!

Be very open re: dividing household chores

Those in relationships (or marriage) know how detrimental of an effect can household chores have on relationship dynamics.

Yes, there are quite a lot of people who divide their chores unevenly.

But other people make a seemingly balanced sharing setup...without speaking their honest preferences.

There's no shame in sitting with your partner and having a long, heartfelt discussion on what you like or what you hate doing. Even if you both hate doing an obligatory chore, maybe you can balance it out in some way.

Here's a lightbulb moment: what if separately you loathe washing the dishes...

...but when you do it together with some music as a background it becomes somewhat enjoyable?

Teamwork and open communication will win over any chore headaches. Don't be shy to talk about this in detail!

Also, do acknowledge that things might differ from week to week. One of you might be busier this week allowing for less chores. That's OK – especially if next week it's made up for!

Use the right products

Miserable products lead to miserable experiences. It's not rocket science.

Cleaners that stain your hardwood floors instead of properly rejuvenating them. Microfiber towels that don't take proper care of the pesky dust that's piled on everything and only make matters worse.

Sometimes you might need more time fixing the mess a lacking product left after you used it.

Keeping your house tidy is complicated as it is. Doing just a little bit of research on the right products will save you not only money, but unneeded frustrations.

This can apply to literally everything. From bath/kitchen cleaning supplies, to personal care/beauty products or the vast world of DIY renovation tools.

I'm especially supportive of more natural products. Not only for the benefit of your skin, but also for preserving that specific cozy atmosphere you can safely call...home.

Of course, there are many other ways to ditch the inherent boredom/sense of obligation related to keeping your place tidy. At least for me, these four simple strategies have made a huge difference!

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  1. Great tips! I like listening to music while cleaning. I also prefer to use more natural products without so many chemicals.


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