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Back in Grandma's Kitchen at 50's Prime Time Cafe #Disney, #HollywoodStudios, #disneydining

We are a Disney loving family!  One of my favorite things at Disney is all the cool places to eat there.  I try to make reservations at new places every time we go.  There have been some we haven't liked at all and some that are our 'go to' every time we are there!  50's Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood Studios is by far one of our favorites!
  The first time we ate there was when we went in 2012 and Aiden was 3 years old.  We went on the recommendation of some friends and got what they said was the best.  Let me just tell you....the fried chicken I put in my mouth was the most delicious thing I have ever eaten.  Just thinking about it now is making my mouth water!!  We have been there on every trip to Disney since then.  I can't really tell you about much of the other food, because I have only gotten the fried chicken.  Aiden loves their meatloaf that is on the kids menu.  This past December when we were there is the first time that we got dessert.  I can VERY highly recommend the peanut butter pie and apple pie with ice cream.  Other than the food being amazing, the atmosphere is just as amazing!  It is like stepping back in time.  The first time we were there, I was noticing so many things that reminded me of my Grandmother's kitchen.  Being in my Grandmother's kitchen was a huge part of my childhood, so I really felt nostalgic here.  

Our waiter was so fun.  He sat right down with us and really spent time telling us about the menu.

Aiden tried to crack a joke with the waiter and was put in the corner. (This was intentional)

So fun!

Do you have favorite places to eat at Disney?  I would love to know about them.  Maybe we haven't tried them.  

Happy Disney Dining!!

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