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5 Tips for the Bridezilla in Your Life

Ahhh, weddings. A time to celebrate love, happiness, and the beautiful union between two souls for life. And stress. Did I mention the stress? Because not only are weddings beautiful - they're also expensive, detailed, and time-consuming to plan! Enter the Bridezilla. She didn't mean to be this way, honestly. Maybe it's your niece, your daughter, your cousin. She's on a budget, she's got nine different opinions flying at her, and she's trying (and failing) to keep her cool while her future mother-in-law suggests pink peonies for the thousandth time. Here are 5 tips to share with the bridezilla in your life. 

1. Get Organized

I was gifted The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer just days after getting engaged and it has saved my life. I actually ended up outgrowing the 1 inch binder it comes in and had to upgrade to a 2.5 inch. It has endless amounts of really helpful information and inspiration to get your wedding planning juices flowing! (This is also a GREAT engagement gift!)

2. Start Saving Early

Remember how I said weddings are expensive? The average wedding in 2018 costs upwards of $35,000. That's a LOT of money to pour into one day! Now, of course, you don't have to (and probably shouldn't) spend that much to have a perfect day, but it is a good idea to start saving and planning as early as possible. My fiance and I set up a "Wedding Fund" savings account that has been drafting $300 a month for well over the past year and it has made this whole thing a lot less stressful. Even if you can just save a little bit every month, it will definitely help! (We're planning to keep this auto-draft set up post-wedding to build a little nest egg for our future family!)

3. Get on The Knot

I cannot stress enough how helpful this site is. It's user friendly and has budgeting tools and check lists with timelines to keep you on track right up until the big day! I know for a fact there are so many things I would have completely forgotten without The Knot. 

4. Delegate

You didn't ask those girls to be your bridesmaids for nothing, right? Take them up on their offer to help out and delegate some tasks to them! They will feel good about helping you out and you will feel better to have one less thing to do. Have a centerpiece-making, envelope stuffing, place-card writing shindig and invite your best girls over to help. What are friends for, right?

5. Remember the End Game

When it all gets to be too much, remember why you're here. You are marrying the love of your life and your best friend. Your wedding is one day, the stepping stone to the rest of your life with your person. Don't sweat the details. 

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