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2018 Beauty Trends To Look Out For

We all grew up looking through old photo albums that belonged to our parents or grandparents. We all marveled and giggled at the seemingly outdated and strange styles that generations past enjoyed and found attractive. The huge hair or shoulder pads, the tight curls or the bell bottoms. But so is the way of the world! Fashion and style is representative of the current moment in time, so as time keeps trucking along so does the human ability to express through clothing, makeup, hair, and overall appearance.

As we delve deeper into a new year, fresh trends–the ones for which future generations will roll their eyes and giggle–are budding from all aspects of fashion and personal style. Here are a few of our favorite emerging beauty trends you’ll want to know about in 2018.

Bold, Intricate Nail Art

Even if you aren’t one for rocking neon colors or shiny glitter on your nails, you’ll still be able to make a statement with the latest nail design trend. Moving away from insanely bright, poppy colors, nail art is taking a turn to the geometric and angular designs. Whether you enjoy staying in with friends and getting creative with polish yourself or splurging for the occasional luxury of a professional mani or pedi, the popular style lends itself to various level of intricacy and ability. Grab a few of your favorite matte polishes (nudes, beiges, and greys are currently trending for nails), and tap into those elementary geometry lessons for some striking yet simple designs.

Oils for All Aspects of Beauty

Regardless of what commercials or your older sister told you when you were younger, oil is actually really good for your skin. While this has been common knowledge in health and skincare circles for a while, oils have only recently broken into the beauty scene because of their versatility and many health benefits for skin and hair. Regardless of your skin type, there is an all natural oil–whether coconut, jojoba, avocado, or beyond–that can nourish your skin as a moisturizer, aid in makeup priming and removal, and help even skin tone and protect against pollution and free radicals. Plus oils are great for damaged or dry hair. For people who straighten everyday, oils can be a game changer in hair conditioning and healing from heat damage.

Shades for All Skin Tones

With the release of the Fenty Beauty line in 2017, developed by Queen Rihanna herself, there is a huge demand for makeup companies to step up their game to develop more inclusive makeup products. The overwhelmingly positive response by makeup-enthusiasts of all colors has sent a powerful message to big name beauty brands, and this year we’re looking out for all the sexy shades to highlight the diverse beauty of all skin tones.

The Bob is Back

That is, if it really ever left. Bob hairstyles have graced our universal presence for decades, finding new chic touches and modern twists to the classic look along the way. And while a relaxed, beachy lob (long bob) was the way of the world in 2017, this new year brings with it a reversal back to the true bob. Expect to see that choppy hair flouncing around the ears and chins of people everywhere in the coming months. Paired with the classic bob style, there is a resurgence of the slicked, wet look reminiscent of decades past. In addition to bobs, top stylists this year are inspiring the masses to chop off all their locks and start fresh with a short pixie or embrace the length of their hair and let it flow naturally. Low maintenance and stunning. What more could you ask for?

New Year, New Ways to Express Yourself

2018 is gracing us with some beautiful, fresh, and healthful trends that everyone can interpret and reimagine to fit their own unique style. Be bold and try on a new look this year! You never know what may become a part of your new signature look–and be lovingly laughed at by future generations–if you don’t keep exploring.

What are some of your favorite beauty trends for 2018?


  1. I really am liking the use of so many oils. I have been seeing a lot of talk about that lately!

  2. I love that oils are being commonly used for hair and skin - I've had a ton of success with beauty oils, love them!


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