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You will never envy hotel sheets again. You can have them!

Thank you to Jennifer Adams for providing product for review. All thoughts are my own. 

It is not often that parents get the opportunity to pamper themselves when they have small children.  My husband and I knew early on in our marriage that we would have some "lean" years with little to no money. It sounded so romantic...roughing it and getting by so that we could talk about what we went without when we were old and gray.  I would do anything for my children even if it meant "roughing it" for the rest of my life.

With the exception of food and coffee, the last thing I bought for myself was a five dollar lip gloss and a box of hair dye at the local drug store while I was picking up a prescription for our youngest. My hair is already turning gray and  I'm not really sure what my real color looks like anymore and lipgloss on dry lips is divine. So when given the opportunity to try Lux Sheets by Jennifer Adams I was in heaven. I haven't had new sheets in at least seven years but have coveted hotel sheets everytime we get the opportunity to stay the night somewhere. 

Jennifer Adam is a professional when it comes to decorating. Growing up on a limited budget and sharing a room with her sister she managed to find creative ways to keep their room fresh and inviting. After years of working within homes and consulting for hotels, she created a brand of her own. By researching the best fabrics and weaving processes she has designed the softest sheet set that you can have in your own home. 

We received the white sheet set in a queen size.  We did wash them before putting them on our bed as they had a fine soft lint to them from packaging, this was quickly remedied by a quick wash and dry. I was amazed at how wrinkle free our sheets were when they came out of the dryer. I love that we do not have to iron our Lux Sheets. They, also, seem to be getting softer each time we wash them. Our mattress is a the memory-foam type of mattress so it tends to be on the thicker side so finding sheets that can fit the depth of our mattress without going up a size has been a challenge. The lux sheets are deep and struggle free, they fit our mattress perfectly! 

Fresh out of the dryer, wrinkle free! 

My husband is hot-natured so I was worried that he would sweat through and create stains on the sheets. We have been using them for a month now, washing once a week, and have not had any sweating at all! The sheets seem to hold just the right amount of heat while still staying cool to the touch. The best way to describe it is that feeling when you wake up and your bed is the perfect temperature and you just want to lay in it all day, it is like that all night long!

We are not the only ones that approve of Home Lux Sheets by Jennifer Adams! Clearly, our daughter has awesome taste as some extra cuddles, due to an ear infection, gave her the opportunity to experience our new sheets and now we have a sweet cuddly baby that only wants to sleep on the softest sheets in the house.  (We may have created a sweet monster that will never go back to her crib!)

Petal-like softness
Wrinkle resistant
5-Star hotel quality
Fits mattresses up to 18” deep

$150 - $219

 We can not wait to order the other awesome colors available!  Lux sheets by Jennifer Adams are the perfect gift for any occasion. Lux sheets would be awesome for an anniversary gift for yourself or others! Check out their amazing selection of pillows as well!

Want it?  Get it! 

You can order your own set of sheets on their website. You can also connect on social media at Facebook and Instagram. 

Special thanks to Jennifer Adams for allowing me to review this awesome product. 


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