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Tips for Keeping Your Family Together Even in the Busiest Times

Even though it’s hard to admit, our kids are getting older and soon enough everyone will have left the nest. Everyday our children grow a little older and they start to feel a little more distant. It is a natural way of life and eventually we will look back and cherish every moment we had when the whole family was under one roof. Our families mean the world to us, whether we want to admit it some days or not. That is why it is important to work on keeping the family together and reminding each other why our time together is valuable. Life gets busier and busier every year, and before you know it you will have missed out on everyone’s lives. If you desire quality family time even during the busiest of times, here is how you can keep them together:

  1. Having Valuable Conversations

Make it a goal every time you are with a family member to have a meaningful conversation rather than a surface level conversation. Instead of doing the “how was school” or “what are you doing” conversation, ask them how they are doing in a specific class, or what kind of hobbies or interests do they love spending most of their time doing. Whether this is a conversation between a mom and child or sister and brother, make it a priority to really get to know the desires and interests of your family members.

For those of you with teenagers, this might also be the time to broach the awkward conversation about the bees and the birds. It might even be the time to talk to your teen about getting an STD test. If you don’t know your kids on a deep, personal level, you also risk not knowing what they are doing or what kind of activities they’re getting into. Having valuable conversations is important for strong and lasting relationships. You will never know what is really going on in the lives of your children unless you really ask!

  1. Respecting Boundaries

Every relationship within the family is unique; maybe your best friends with your parents or you have a strained relationship with your siblings. Talk with each family member about what they would like from your relationship. You can’t just assume what every person in your home wants, you could be completely wrong about what you think your child wants from you. On the other hand, maybe they think your too nosey and want more space. Ask each family member what they expect and respect it!

Respecting boundaries also means that each person in the family has room. Many of us have been in that situation of having to share a room—or even a bed—with a sibling. The feeling of being cramped and living on top of each other can easily make tempers flare and resentments to take seed. If you can, consider upgrading to a bigger home for your family. Or, if that’s not in the budget, consider getting separate mattresses for your kids.

  1. Family Dinner Time

Family dinners have lost their value over time and with all the new technology advancements over the years. Some families eat while watching television and others eat in their rooms. But it used to be custom to eat with your family around a table. Make it a priority for all the members in your family to sit down and have family dinner every single night. If you need to, set a specific time that you stick to, even if that means you need to add a stylish watch to your wardrobe. Consistency is key to making the family dinner part of your daily routine. Family dinners promote good conversation time so your family can get caught up on what everyone is doing. It also strengthens relationships and promotes healthy family bonding. It is always refreshing to sit down together for thirty minutes when everyone is going a million different directions each day. Before you know it everyone will be out of the house on their own and your dinner table will be empty!

  1. Family Vacations

Family vacation is the ultimate time for family bonding. This is a time that families can get out of their comfort zone and make lasting memories. In fact, some of your favorite memories growing up may be from family vacations! Choose a destination the whole family can agree upon such as a beach vacation, a cruise, theme park, or campgrounds. The latter is probably the most affordable and budget-friendly, since all you need to do is make sure you have camping gear for the whole family and somewhere to pitch a tent. During these vacations you should also plan a lot of activities that involves valuable family bonding and teamwork. Take a camera and capture all the memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

  1. Creating Traditions

Traditions stick with families for generations. If you already have traditions make it important to keep them going! If you don’t have any distinct family traditions make some new ones! If you’ve got a teenage son, for instance, this might be the perfect time to start up the time-honored tradition of getting your son his first young man’s beard trimmer. Whether it is holiday traditions, birthday traditions or just traditions at home, make them fun and exciting and worth carrying on. Traditions are something that we remember for the rest of our lives, and they are also something that bring families together.

  1. Always Stay Supportive

Always, always let your kids know how much you love them and support them. If your child has recently become passionate about being environmentally sustainable, then look at ways you can adapt the home life to support their passion. You can look into organic alternatives to chemical sprays for the garden, or investing in a smart home thermometer. Whatever it is you end up doing, you want to show your kids that your passion is supporting them in their passions.

Supporting your family requires voicing your admiration and support for their decisions, and also showing them you are confident in them. You want them to leave the nest knowing that if anything happens they can always come home. There is nothing more important then that sense of belonging; that sense that no matter what your family will be there for you in the end.

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