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This Is Parenthood!

Ahh, parenthood. The most rewarding and exhausting job on the planet. While we don't get paid monetarily for this work we do, the benefits are pretty great, especially the moments that make us smile and laugh. We asked our readers to share stories some hilarious parenting moments and a few of you obliged!  We hope this collection of stories brings some smiles your way today.

Well That Was Scary....

I was just going into my room and walking around to my side of the bed when all of the sudden a small hand reached out and grabbed my leg. It was my 3 year old, who was laughing hysterically as I was recovering from the near heart attack. 
-Mariah S.

Here's a Reason You Shouldn't Bring Food to Bed...

When I was younger, my parents had a waterbed. I made the mistake of bringing chocolate candy into the bed, which was heated at the time. When my Dad woke up, he found "poop" on the bed, but couldn't figure out why it smelled like chocolate. 
-Elizabeth J.

Your Words Always Come Back to Haunt You....

My husband was getting ready for work when our 2 year old son walked into the kitchen demanding an oatmeal cookie. Well, Dad was taking a bit too long, as he also was helping our daughters (7&10) get ready for school, so our son decided to throw a fit. Dad yells "get out of the kitchen". I came around the corner just getting up and Dad is bringing him his cookie. Our son sees me and gives me a hug and kiss and asks for juice. Dad says "go get your own juice" to which our son replies "I'm not allowed in the kitchen". 
-Kaitlyn P.   

They're Just Words...

. I tend to get really cranky in the car, so sometimes unpleasant words sneak out louder than I'd like them to and the girls hear them. They've both been really great about not repeating any of the words I say when driving except on 2 occasions-
1. We were driving and I was telling my oldest daughter about an accident I had seen earlier in the day. She responded with "If I were you I would have said oh (the adult version of) poo". I let her know that she really shouldn't say those types of words because they are adult words and she said "I know, that's why I said if I were you I would say it". 

2. My youngest daughter and I were heading back to the school to pick up my oldest daughter from play rehearsal. I don't really recall the context, but she said "son of a b-word" (she said the actual word) and I let her know that it wasn't an okay phrase for her to say. I didn't yell, I was cool as a cucumber and let her know that when she was older, maybe 16 (her oldest cousin is 16, so she asked) she can say it. I'd like to say she took the news well, but she cried the entire 7 minute ride to the school. Not because she was in trouble, but because she didn't want to wait that long, "it will take AGES!". 
-Vanessa W.

Thank you to all of our readers who contributed a story, we love hearing from you!
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  1. LOL Those are great stories! Thanks for the chuckles! :)

  2. I'm so glad you liked them! Thanks for stopping by :)


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