This Dog! #monday #doglover

Who else has a dog that is spoiled rotten?  This little guy sure is.  He thinks that he is the king of our house and that he should get anything and everything that he wants!  And he usually does. 
This picture just cracks me up.  I was going through my phone deleting some pictures and decided I wanted to show you guys this one.  We were at the Vet's office for shots and he is hiding in the drivers floorboard so I couldn't reach him. He has only been to the Vet's about once a year, so I don't even know how he knew that he was somewhere he wasn't going to like.  I have a van and had been trying to catch him for about 15 minutes at this point. He was in the back and I opened the back door and he went to the other side between the door and seat.  Closed the door and moved to the other side only to find him already on the other side between the door and the seat.  Before I could get back around there, he had jumped to the front and was in the floorboard.  This went on and on, back and forth from the front to the back for quite some time.  I'm sure if anyone was watching, they were getting a funny show.  I finally caught him and got him inside for his appointment. 

How I love Bolt!  He is such a sweet, loving dog and he loves his Mommy.  Do you have a dog that is spoiled rotten and makes your life better?  I'd love to hear about them.  

Have a great Monday!

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