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The Very First Knee High No Show Sock Is Here! Keysocks! #MBPWinter18

Thanks to Keysocks for sending me product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts shared below are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

The dilemma of what type of sock to wear with flats has always been an issue. You do not want your socks to show and you most likely aren't able to wear any type of a thick sock because shoes do not accommodate for that. What ends up happening is you go sock-less which isn't ideal in the cold months or even the hot!

Keysocks are a new design that you probably haven't seen just yet. These innovative socks can be worn and not seen. They provide warmth, to the knee, without falling down. Every woman has dealt with the annoying sock that falls down, gets "eaten" by her shoe or simply just does not feel comfortable with cute shoes.

These socks are different! The design is such that the sock covers your calf, slides around your toes and heel and is discreetly worn with your cutest and dressiest shoes!

As you can see, the keysocks come in a variety of patterns and colors. They match skin tones but also provide fun details too!


Keysocks are available for purchase via their website as well as the MBP Amazon Store. You can also stay up to date via their social media sites:


Thanks again to Keysocks for a great experience with their product!

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