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Simple & Effective Ways To Make Airplane Travel Less Stressful

It’s time to say goodbye to airplane stress.
I try to do as much traveling as I can with my family. It’s great to get out of the house, see new places, and take trips to different parts of the country/world. You’ll create memories with your children that they’ll cherish and remember forever.

The only bad thing about traveling is having to set foot on an airplane. Some people are fine with this, but others get very nervous and stressed out. Or, if you’re fine with it, there’s every chance your kids won’t be as confident.

So, I thought I’d provide some simple ways that you can make airplane travel way less stressful.

Book Seats Together

I always find that flying is a lot better when your whole family is seated next to one another. There’s nothing worse than having two parents separated, a child in one row, two kids in another, and so on. If you ever get stressed while flying and have a mini panic attack, then it’s much easier to calm down when you have someone you know next to you. All it takes is some words of encouragement from them, or a hand on your leg, to calm you down. Plus, being with your children means you have a big distraction all flight, which is good! So, go the extra mile and book seats together the next time you fly. Oh, and any nervous-flying children you have will fare a lot better when they’re sat next to mom and dad too

Smart Earplugs

It feels as though pretty much everything has a ‘smart’ version these days, and earplugs are no exception. There are loads of different varieties out there, and they serve a similar purpose to regular earplugs - cancel out any noise around you. But, if you learn more about smart earplugs, you find that they also have some pretty cool features. One of which is that they play relaxing tunes and music for you to listen to. I find that putting these earplugs in when flying is a very quick and easy way to relax and worry less during your flight. Great for adults, but will also work with your kids too.

Try and sleep through the whole flight.

Less Caffeine, More Work

Most people like to get as much sleep as possible before they go away on holiday. However, I think the opposite tactic is better for people that are afraid of flying. If you get up early, miss out on your morning cup of coffee (tough, I know, but it’ll be worth it) and expend as much energy as possible, you’ll be dead by the time your flight leaves. You’ll plonk yourself in your seat, and fall asleep for the entire flight. Now, you can’t be stressed when you’re asleep, can you?! The same goes for your kids; get them up early and tire them out before the flight. They’ll be asleep in your arms as you board, meaning they have nothing to worry about.

See, I told you these were very simple ways to make airplane travel less stressful. Try my advice, and you’ll soon start to stress less when you board your next flight.

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