Not Cleaning Your Air Ducts? 5 Reasons Why You Have to

It’s easily forgotten but could be detrimental to your home life. When last did you have a look at your air ducts? Not in the mood to stick your head in there? That’s why you need air duct company on speed dial. Yes, I said speed dial. That’s how important this task is. It’s widely debated but it’s quite logical that these ducts will have an effect on whoever is using the building. Here’s what you didn’t think of yet.

You’re Wasting Money

A major expense in any household or office is managing temperature and air flow. Air conditioning systems work day—and sometimes at night too—to create comfortable atmospheres.

And on very hot or cold days you probably wonder whether it’s even working at all.

What if the reason you’re not feeling its effect is because of build up in the air duct. Firstly, it won’t work as effectively. Secondly the machinery will work harder and require more power in an attempt to function as before. This affects your utility costs.

And all it takes is cleaning debris, hair and dust from the channels.

Your Health Depends on It

And what effect do you think the following debris will have on you, your family or your employees?
  • Dust from renovations
  • Small parts of dead insects
  • Hair from pets and humans

I can see at least two items that affect my family’s allergies. If these items are in your air ducts, they can also relocate to other parts of the building if not cleared away.

While you look for the source of an allergic reaction in your bedding or new flowers in the room, the root cause may be behind your air conditioning system.


Another thing that could hide in the ducts are pests.

Have you seen visible signs or heard them move about your house?
  • Crumbs in cupboards are sure signs of mice or rats
  • Holes in a wall could be rats or termites
  • Hearing small things move about when everyone goes silent at night could be proof of insects or vermin
While you identify the signs, I bet you rarely find them or their nests.

A prime location for pests is an air duct:
  • They have easy access to the interior and outside of your building.
  • The temperatures are suitable for most pests
  • If there are water leaks too the moisture will attract them
These pests can once again add to allergy problems or cause more health problems if not eradicated.

Maintain Your Home’s Value

What do you look for when you purchase a new home or building? I’m curious about all the small areas no one ever looks into. That tells me the condition of the structure. Air ducts play a huge role in this regard.

If pests or moisture are left in these crevices, they can cause mold or start damaging the walls. This can diminish a structure’s value or simply cause potential buyers to think twice before making a purchase.

Be proactive and prevent your building from deteriorating.

Maintain Your Appliances

All appliances deteriorate over time, but you determine how fast.

As mentioned above, air conditioning systems may need to work harder when air ducts are clogged. This will put strain on the machine and parts may wear out faster.

Once again you can save money—and the effort of replacing a unit—by simply being proactive.

Now you can’t ignore the matter any longer. I bet you’re imagining everything that’s clogged inside your vents, right? For peace of mind and for long term benefits, go get the ladder.

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