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New Toys That Keep Imaginations Busy And Fun On Repeat #MBPWINTER18

Thank you to Playbrites, Screechers Wild! and Twinkle Play Tents for product in exchange for my honest review and opinion. Post may contain affiliate links.

School is in session and my kiddos are gone for a large chunk of the day, but lately we have been experiencing some rainy, dreary days! When the weather goes from sunny and warm (unseasonably in February!) to chilly and wet, we kind of bunker down and need to find fun ways to occupy the little guys in my house! Keep reading to discover some new and imaginative items that will keep the fun on "repeat" in your home!
This is the AWESOME Dragon Lair Twinkle Play Tent we were sent and my boys are having such a blast playing inside of it! The disco lights change according to the beat of the music you are playing. How cool is that?!

Twinkle Play Tents are unlike any other tent in that the lights react to your voice and music! It's truly an interactive experience and your kids are going to LOVE it! Check out the video that demonstrates this on their website. 

Conveniently packaged and ready to (EASILY) pop open and begin an imaginative adventure! I love that it includes a travel bag for an easy way to take this tent with you wherever you go. 

My oldest enjoying his new tent to the fullest!

My little boys are almost 6 and a little over 7. They are really close in age so often times, they enjoy the same toys and activities. This makes my life a lot easier in that department! In our home, while we have plenty of bedrooms for my kids to NOT share a room, they do share a room. We wanted our boys to establish that bond early on and enjoy the closeness of brotherhood in every way possible. This has proven to be very beneficial and helps with some of the night time fears that typically can happen with kids.

The box showcases the exciting adventure that awaits! This is the Playbrite magical fun face with a light show.

My boys love and NEED some light in their bedroom at night. They do not like it to be pitch black. We have always used some sort of night light or projecting light to help with this. Up until recently, we have been needing something a little extra from our salt lamp light that has a dimmer. This is fantastic, but we wanted a little light source that would project and be fun to look at during those times when sleep is hard to come by for the little guys.

The Playbrite is a fantastic toy and light show that projects shapes onto the ceiling in beautiful light colors! The magical tap light works in the day or night and the pieces can be changed out to create an endless variety of imaginative faces if you have more than one. We have the kitty and the dino dragon and they are adorable! My boys LOVE the beautiful light projection in their room at night. The Playbrite pieces can be stored inside the body and there is a convenient carrying handle as well. 
You can find the Playbrite at your local toy retailer or our MBP Amazon Store!

We have really enjoyed these amazing toys, but lastly I want to share with you about the new Screechers Wild! transforming cars! This is by far our FAVORITE of the toys we received! My sons cannot get enough of playtime with their new transforming cars. If you have a child that enjoys cars OR transformers of any kind, they are going to flip over this FLIPPING, TRANSFORMING VEHICLE! Yes, it really flips!

We were lucky enough to receive two different cars, one for each boy!

This is my youngest playing with his Screechers Wild! car. He is a HUGE fan and we may just need to get every single car that is available. We are fans for life.

There are 3 different levels of these nifty cars and to top it off, there is a disc launcher and car launcher. The way this works is when the car touches the disc, it FLIPS into a transformation. It has a big "wow factor" and gives kids a great effect to anticipate.

There are many different vehicles to choose from.

Thank you for coming along with me on this super fun journey where I've been able to share with you about three new toys that will provide hours of imaginative entertainment for your kids. Sometimes it's in everyone's best interest to put the screen time on hold for a while and really let the kids use their imaginations, play with fun and entertaining toys and make amazing memories too!


  1. These look like great toys. I really love the Dragon Lair Twinkle Play Tent!

  2. Playbrites!!! Oemgee!!! They are so adorable! I haven't seen them yet here in our city though. I will check Toys R Us again this weekend.


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