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Morsels Of Truth I've Learned Along The Way

That handsomeness right there? That's my oldest son about 3.5 years ago. He is now 7, with much shorter hair. He's a "thinker", as you can see depicted in the above picture! If I'm being totally honest, he is so much like me that I joke about our "E.T and Elliot" connection. My younger son who is five and a half, is in every sense, my baby boy. My family is very close and that did not magically happen by an alignment in the cosmos. I believe with all of my heart that God chose us to be together as a family unit. I also believe He laid upon my heart some morsels of truth along the way that have helped us be the bonded little family that we are...

In case you needed help picturing E.T. and Elliot, you're welcome. 

"You could be happy here, I could take care of you. I wouldn't let anybody hurt you."

"I'll believe in you all my life, everyday. E.T... I love you."

E.T. and Elliot had a seemingly miraculous connection. One felt the other's pain and vice versa. They desired to protect one another. Do you feel this way about your kids and your spouse?

I hope these morsels of truth will touch you in a new and different way. Just as E.T. and Elliot had a connection that defied reason, I believe in the importance of creating strong connections with people as often as we can. That is the basis for each of these morsels: open your heart to people and see how your life turns from lackluster to sparkling.

Morsels of Truth

Look past first impressions and see someone for who they really are in the moments that aren't on display.

Choose to give someone the benefit of the doubt. Would you rather assume the worst in someone and hurt them deeply by being incorrect, or assume the best and risk being disappointed?

Listen with intent and interest.

Do not let a bad moment turn a good day into a bad day. It was only a moment, not a whole day. 

Smile at people but most importantly, your children. It creates security when they see a smile on your face. It tells them, "Everything is okay."

Memorize Bible verses and place them in an easily accessible corner of your brain for easy withdrawal. If your memory is not the best, put little pieces of paper in drawers around your home to find these verses when you most need them.

Show affection. Whether it be a hug, high five, kiss, pat on the back or holding hands (the list goes on), pick a gesture and put it into practice for an entire week at each encounter with someone you know. (Ex. Usually, whenever I see ___, I wave and say hello. Next time, I will give a high five or quick hug if it feels welcomed.)

When you feel overwhelmed with your circumstance and you can't quite get your head above water, get a piece of paper and a pen and list 10 things you have to be thankful for.

On the topic of lists, create a list of no less than 50 things you would like to do with your significant other and/or family before you leave this world. Commit to at LEAST one per year! 

We always dreamed of having a big yard for our boys to be adventurous, free and happy. Boys can achieve this ANYWHERE, though. You do not need a big house or a big yard to create BIG memories for your family. 

This is a big one: find out your loved one's love language and utilize it. He or she may experience love in a very different way than you do so it's important to show them you care in their language. Based on the photos above, one guess what my children's love language is! (touch and quality time)

Marriage, well a happy marriage is NOT 50/50. It has to be 100/100. My husband's heart and well-being is something I take upon myself to nurture and grow. Take care of the ones you love, simply because you want to see them do well. Something magical happens when both partners make this their goal.

Be the biggest, loudest, most joyous cheerleader in your spouse and children's corner. They need to know without a doubt, they can always run to that corner and be taken care of. 

Do not keep record of wrongs. This is a Biblical truth that I often think about. Aren't we so thankful God does not do this? So why do we? It never produces anything positive when we let bad feelings fester.

Practice praying without ceasing. This doesn't mean spend the entire day with your head bowed. Rather, keep God at the forefront of your mind through the entire day and watch how it impacts your choices and your relationships!

If you have children, try not to put adult expectations upon them while their self-esteem and sense of self is being shaped every second. This doesn't mean you should accept poor behavior, disobedience or disrespect. It simply means, they need patience while their brains are still developing.

I'll leave you with this:

If you can't find a sure place to stand, just kneel. Leave every worry at the foot of the cross where Jesus so very badly wants to take care of it for you. 


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