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Mommy and E: Date Day

I like to think that I am  good at multitasking... but this week I have seen that while I am mom first and employee second, my loved ones aren’t feeling this way.  This week, E, has been feeling really out of sorts and has been napping when he is not a napper.  I decided to take him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with a vitamin d deficiency.  E was apologetic because I took time off of work to bring him.  How and why does he feel that he needs to apologize for that?  It is my job to make sure that he is my number one priority.

I needed to spend time one on one with E and that was a given.  He was feeling down from not enough time for just the two of us.  What did we do? Mommy and E date day.  We have done this as a bonding exercise for so long, but we have done this since he was small and in recent years I felt he didn't need it as much.  I was sorely mistaken.  Sometimes a boy just needs to talk to him mom.

He was so excited to go to the movies we had to buy the tickets from home because he didn't want it to be sold out.  I was amazed that a 10:30 am. show would be as full as it was, but I was sure glad I was able to buy tickets online. 

The promotional poster was incredible and I couldn't help but take a picture.  We are building memories after all.  I will say if you haven't already seen this movie it is a great movie and a must see.

His smile is back and that means more to me than anything.  I think I took for granted that he is a teenager and may not need his "mommy" as much as he did when he was small, but he still needs me.  I lived for these moments when he was small.  He lives for them as much as he did then.  He needs to know he is my priority and these outings for just us are something we both treasure... who would have thought?

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