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Inspire Your Child's Learning and Imagination with Safari, Ltd. Toys #review #MBPBABYGUIDE

Thank you to Safari Ltd. for the toys. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Why are toddler toys listed under a baby guide, you may ask. Because these are for my 2 year old to occupy more of his time and attention while I'm tending to his younger sibling. Hendrix has recently been very interested in dinosaurs and other similar creatures. Safari Ltd. has so many options! I knew Hendrix would love whatever was selected. 

For over 30 years, Safari Ltd. has been providing cool creatures to inspire kids' play time. The details are amazing. I appreciate that Hendrix is playing with lifelike toys so he can actually see what they look like. Of course, I had the most difficult time selecting certain animals as they all looked so neat. Per the suggestion of the Safari, Ltd. contact, I used the age guide to look at what would be appropriate for Hendrix.

All of Safari, Ltd. toys are excellent choices because they encourage development at every stage, especially a child's imagination. Once kids get older, the company has lots of STEM options as well. The website has toys from dinosaurs and lizards to bugs to animals found in the water. All of them are so striking to see and I know I'll be buying toys for Hendrix from them in the future. 

Of course, Hendrix has been playing with them nonstop since he opened the box. He has been pointing out the teeth on the crocodile, the colors on the lizard, and the pattern on the turtle's belly. What other brand toys have such incredible detail? The wrinkles on the lizard's body and the other textures on the turtle and crocodile inspire inquisition and I love that!

Want it? Buy it!

Sea Turtle $14.99

These are perfect animal toys for your kids or to buy as gifts. Realistic and very affordable. Let me know what you order so I can add it to my list for either Hendrix or my nieces or nephews!

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