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Brooklyn Bedding in the House!! #sneakpeek #SleepLikeYouEarnedIt

I am so excited to introduce you all to Brooklyn Bedding.  You will not believe what is inside this box that arrived at my house this week.  

It's a mattress.  Can you believe that this king size mattress came out of that box?  Aiden was pretty amazed and it was so fun to open it up and test it out on our living room floor.  Our new bed is being delivered today and I can't wait to sleep on this amazing new mattress.  

You don't want to miss what's next!!!

You are going to have a chance to win a mattress for yourself, in the size and firmness of your choice from Brooklyn Bedding.  Stay tuned for a review and giveaway that is coming next Friday.  Set your alarms, write it in your calendar, hang a post it on your fridge, whatever you need to make sure you come right back here next Friday.  Your homework for the next week is to be ready to let us know why you #SleepLikeYouEarnedIt.  

Have a wonderful weekend!  See you all next Friday!

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