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A simple machine that does a lot of toning in just a few minutes per day!

Thank you to Core Max Total Body Training System for providing product for review. 
All thoughts are 100% my own. 

After my daughter was born in July of 2017 the reality of how busy I would be with two small children began to settle in.  I struggled with time to exercise while also taking care of my family and working full time. I enjoy some good cardio and can manage to find time a few days a week to push a stroller and get my steps in.  My anxiety nearly demands that I take some time to stretch and clear my mind. Toning? My least favorite and my easiest to ignore.  

I would much rather spend time with my children or relax a few minutes on the couch while watching TV than try to tone my muscles. Except, my body is aging and the toll of growing two humans is becoming more and more evident. I seem to be losing muscle tone on a monthly basis so when given the opportunity to try Core Max Total Body Training System  I was excited about a solution. 

User manual and meal plan calendar included 

The Core Max Total Body Training System is a lightweight system that allows you to choose between three levels of resistance. You tone your muscles in both directions and you can tone nearly every major muscle in your body. My favorite part? I can watch TV while doing it! 

Cycling while reading the various types of workouts you can do. 

Spring weather is right around the corner and to help get tone the Core Max Total Body Training System comes with an awesome exercise guide that demonstrates the muscles used and proper position.

Excercise Guide 

My favorite exercises are the inner thigh press and all of the arm toning exercises. I've gotten into the habit now of using the system at least three times per week while watching one of my favorite TV series and I don't feel so guilty enjoying some TV time knowing that I'm toning too.  

Pectoral Extension 
Our growing family doesn't have a lot of extra room in our home so one of the many amazing things about the Core Max Total Body Training System is its ease to store. Our couches are a little lower to the ground than most so it is too tall to fit under our couches, but it easily fits between our couch and the wall which naturally has a gap due to the armrest anyway. 

Folded flat for easy transportation and storage. 

Whether you are an avid athlete, looking for a way to get active or just need some extra toning when you are away from the gym the Core Max Total Body Training System can help everyone! 

$59.90 (plus shipping and handling) 

Want it? Buy it! 

You can purchase your own Core Max Total Body Training System on their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Instagram

Special thanks to Core Max Total Body Training System for providing product for review! 


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