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10 Tips To Deal With An Ex

Everyone who has ever dated has an ex and most know how difficult it can be to navigate the post-breakup period. How do you deal with the possibility of running into your ex on a daily basis that will keep the pain of the breakup alive? What things can you do from your side to ease the pain and prevent it from becoming worse? Some relationships have been smooth and satisfying, making it even harder when a breakup occurs. To help a breakup go more smoothly and avoid it from becoming extremely bothersome there are certain things you can do to make the transition from partner to ex easier.

10 Tips for Abiding By the Ex-Etiquette

1.    There is an upside to trashing your ex. We all know how good it feels to hate our ex after a painful breakup and now science backs it up. Research from Utah University has found that people who are able to express their negative feelings towards an ex-were less like to experience depression immediately after a break and move on within a month. Just remember to restrict it to your best-trusted girlfriends and never to your ex directly.

2.    Wait a while before trying to be friends. Breakups need a mourning period and to try to become friends before both of you are completely over the relationship, if ever, is futile.

3.    Unfollow your ex from your social media in a gradual and discreet manner. You don’t need to be exposed to their status updates and uploaded photographs of their new life as it is just a painful reminder of what you had together. Avoid looking angry and immature by responding to posts in a negative way and rather end all social media contact with your ex.

4.    Stop socializing with your ex’s friends. Most of them only became your friends because you were with your ex and there is no reason at all to keep contact with them, especially immediately after the breakup. Remind yourself that they will always be loyal to your ex and will never be on your side, and rest assured that anything said to them will get back to your ex.

5.    Delete your ex and his relatives from your contact list immediately after the breakup is final. When the relationship with your ex is over, so is your relationship with his friends and family and you don’t need insincere calls commiserating with you on your loss. And you don’t want to embarrass yourself by accidentally dialing one of their numbers while you are having one of your meltdowns.

6.    Don’t bad mouth your ex to anyone other than your close friends. At one point they were loved by you and dear to your heart and you will do well to remember that no-one enjoys listening to someone endlessly bad mouthing someone else.

7.    Don’t stalk your ex or purposely show up where you know they will be. Do your best to avoid this demeaning behavior as it could lead to a confrontation that will make it uncomfortable for other people around you.

8.    Don’t force your friends or anyone else to choose sides. You don’t want to put them in this awkward position and you may risk losing them as friends in the end.

9.    Don’t constantly talk about the details of the breakup, even though people may ask “why”. They are really not interested in the private, innermost details of your relationship and what went wrong. Some people are just gossips and like to use your intimate information for their own gain. The best response is to simply say “it just wasn’t meant to be” without going into any details which will usually end the conversation there.

10.    Don’t ever sleep with your ex after the breakup as it will only confuse both of you and prolong the heartache. Even though it may feel familiar and enticing, it is a fatal error to believe that you can rekindle your relationship if have sex with your ex.

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