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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- A Little Research and Some Library Time

Happy Saturday! I've been itching for the weekend to arrive, mostly because this week was a full one. No snow days, no emergency early dismissals, and no planned half days or holidays. The girls (and I) needed this week to get back into the routine, but it was exhausting. Now that the weekend is here, we've got things to do!

After the coffee kicks in, we'll be heading to the library. Last week we borrowed a few movies that I enjoyed when I was younger and we need to return them. I'm hoping that we can find a few more movies that the girls will enjoy just as much, because it's so exciting to watch them appreciate something that I loved when I was about their age. 

While we're at the library, I'm going to introduce D to another thing from my childhood....research without a computer! She has an Invention Convention coming up for school and this weekend she'll be doing some research to help her decide what to invent. She's been talking about this nonstop and I'm glad to see that she's so excited about it, even though (according to her), she's "not good at science".

I'll be doing some of my own research this weekend as well. I recently came across something on Facebook that I want to be a part of. It's called "Operation Flashlight" and it's all about bringing "intentional JOY" to area nursing homes. I'm excited to learn more about the movement and to figure out what I can do to help spread the light throughout Connecticut! 

I hope your weekend is full of fun times and lots of love!


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