Weekends with the Wigglesworths- 20 Days Into 2018!

Happy Saturday friends! This mom simultaneously feels like she wants to do a bunch of activities and like she just wants to stay in pajamas all day. I'm not too sure which part of me will win out, but I can tell you I am already ready for all the coffee!

We didn't wake up too early this morning because, thankfully, both girls got the memo that Saturdays are for sleeping in a bit. I'm not too sure how we managed that one, but both Matt and I are pretty grateful that they usually sleep until at least 8:30/9:00am on Saturdays. It's especially helpful when you're a (self-diagnosed) insomniac that doesn't fall asleep before 2am most days. This is where the coffee comes in handy!

Today feels like a "Best Mom Ever" mug kind of a day! 

After the coffee kicks in, I'm aiming to take the kids to the toy store. D has just finished up her STARBASE program and is itching to show R the activities she and her classmates did, especially the robotics ones. D's teacher told me that there are some robotic/coding toys at ToysRUs, so I'll be taking both her and R to see what we can find. 

Longitude, Latitude, and a little bit of attitude-JUST KIDDING! D (and her classmates) LOVED their STARBASE experience!

After checking what they have at the toy store, I'd like to head over to the library, since we didn't make it there last weekend. I had requested movies be put on hold for me last Saturday and ended up not hearing back, so we'll just have to head in and see if they are there. Since both girls love reading, I'm sure we'll end up coming home with a few books for them to read, even though we practically have a library at home already. 

I know this little lady is going to be excited to visit the library today! 

Anybody else heading to the toy store and/or library with your kiddos this weekend? Whatever you end up doing this weekend, I hope it's full of fun times and lots of love! 

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