The 1st Sunday of 2018-Reflection of week 1

Today marks the first Sunday of 2018.  The first of 52 weeks have gone and what has changed?  Do you remember to date everything with the correct year? Are your resolutions holding?

My first week of 2018 wasn't much different than any other year if truth be told. I have already lost patience where I knew I should have some and have added a resolution along the way. 

Why or how  you may ask?  It's the season I dislike most and the New Year started off with snow and frigid temperatures.  Cold is not my favorite thing.

My boss made a comment that winter in New England is glum and depressing.  It makes people act cranky to see and feel the bleakness of winter.  I can see it.  So what can we do to fight the winter?

I have taken to creating pro lists for a lot of things I debate on.  It is similar to pros and cons lists, but without the cons.  I find that by looking for a con we are looking for the bad or negative and it can be detrimental to our moods.

Finding the Positive
1. The cold kills germs.
2. People spend more time indoors which leads to family quality time.
3. Snuggles

Winter in New England is different every year and will we have some expectations of cold, snow, and even power outages we cannot be too sure what we will get.  So we can be angry, annoyed and or inconvenienced by the winter bleakness or we can look for the positive.

What keeps you positive?

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