So. Over. Cold. Weather!! #motivation

I have seen this picture go across the TV and my news feed WAY too much this past week!  It has been so cold and so hard for me to get anything done.  And since we just moved, I have so, so much to do. 
This morning just about did me in when I saw that it was 2 degrees!!  I know some of you have it colder than where I am in NC, but I am so cold I can't even imagine it being colder!  And I am super worried about having a very high power bill at our new house.  I haven't received one yet and I just feel like our first one is going to be out the roof.  And let's talk busted water pipes!!  We have not had this and I am praying that we don't, but I have seen so many friends that have had to deal with this.  There have been a couple water main breaks around our area and they have caused havoc on the roads. 

Now, don't get me wrong.  I love a beautiful snow and the calm of the world when it snows!  I hope that we get one good snow this winter and that I am able to go out and enjoy some snow fun with Aiden.

How many of you enjoy this cold, winter weather?  I'd love to see your pictures and know what it is that you enjoy about winter. I am a warm weather girl and am ready for the warm, long days of to return...maybe it will bring me back my motivation!  

Have a great week and stay warm!


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