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Keep Your Kids Busy And Save With These 5 Promo Codes

One of the pressing concerns of most parents today is the preoccupation children have with their gadgets. In fact, a CNN report published last October 2017 revealed that children under nine are spending more than two hours a day in front of a mobile screen – an increase three times longer compared to four years ago. Moreover, looking back in 2011, less than 1% of the population of children at this age had their own gadget. Today, 42% have their own gadget!

According to a psychology professor at Iowa State University, Douglas Gentile, the problem with media use by children is the growing lack of parental control and digital manners. Digital manners are observing boundaries when using your gadget and having control over all posts. Unfortunately, after children learn how to post, they immediately become potential victims of bullying and discrimination.
No doubt, digital media will play a significant role in the lives of children but it would also help them to keep busy using their hands and tapping into their creativity through non-digital activities.
One of the most powerful and tempting ways to lure children away from their digital devices is through monthly subscription boxes that are age-appropriate. These boxes have become a major obsession for many families because their contents are well-thought, child-friendly, and properly planned.
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A few of these subscription boxes are:
Kiwi Crate – This is an amazing subscription box for children between the ages of 5 to 8. The contents of their monthly boxes are always designed to encourage interest in science, arts, and engineering. Each monthly box has a project with kid-friendly instructions, a magazine with comics and games. On your first month’s order, you can use of a 30% discount using the code KIWI30.
Doodle Crate – This is another product by the same company that makes Kiwi Crate. Doodle Crate is an art crate for children aged 9 and older. Your children will have projects like clock making, painting on rice paper, and making candles, to name a few of the past boxes. Like Kiwi Crate, you can also get a 30% discount on your first month using the code DOODLE30.
Tinker Crate – This is a science-based box for children aged 9 to over 16 and also comes from Kiwi Company. The secret code to avail of 30% on your first month’s crate is TINKER30.
There are two other fantastic monthly subscription boxes for children: Creation Crate and Bitsbox. Creation Crate is an electronic project box which your child can have for 10% less using codeSAS10CC while Bitsbox will teach and hone your child’s coding skills and you can get the basic package for just $24.95 for every box.
Help your child develop into a well-rounded adult who can function with or without digital devices.

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