How to Protect Your Consumer Rights

Consumer rights and the various consumer-focused protection laws are extremely important because they provide ways for consumers to fight abusive practices being employed by businesses. these laws help with holding immoral and unscrupulous businesses accountable for their actions and stop them from getting away with using a customer's ignorance to their own advantage in order to get an additional bargaining advantage to gain more profit for them or their corporation.

Consumer protection abuses by businesses frequently lead to a lawsuit against the businesses responsible for engaging in said practices.

False Advertising

False advertising and predatory lending are two things that can also be considered consumer protection violations and lead to customer lawsuits against companies, as a result of them. Charging exorbitant rates on credit cards and outright lying on advertisements to trick customers into buying a product or purchasing a service areon a long list of things that can result in a customer engaging in a lawsuit against corporations for the reason of consumer rights.

The usual circumstances that lead to consumer abuse are when customers are behind on their bills or have accumulated a significant amount of credit card debt. In these kinds of circumstances, companies will typically try and make people's lives very difficult by showing up and badgering them in the early morning or extremely late at night despite the fact that consumer protection laws don't allow companies to do this. Furthermore, consumer-focused protection laws are in place to keep consumers safe.

CR Lawsuits

One major issue with consumer right lawsuits is that the actual amount of loss that would be gained from a consumer suing a company for misinformation or a product not performing as they said would not be anywhere near what it would cost to bring a lawsuit against the corporation in question. What this can mean is that it is fairly common for customers to not sue a company for individual losses. The exception to this, of course, is the fact that multiple consumers pooling together into one big case can be considered worth it and is something that would be likely to be pursued.


One less obvious program is the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) which allows consumers to help each other. CDPAP is a Medicaid directed personal assistance program where consumers can hire other consumers to assist them with their medical needs. This helps deal with potential consumer protection violations by removing corporations from the equation and medical aid and assistance services usually performed by a vendor are taken care of by the participating individual's designated caretaker.

There are a large number of reasons for consumers to engage in lawsuits against corporations for violations of their consumer rights. Among these are false advertising and predatory lending. These are two of the few reasons when actual lawsuits may be pursued. In most cases, they are not seen as being worth it since it isn't unusual for the cost of a lawsuit to exceed or be equal to the value obtained as compensation from the lawsuit which generally leads to consumers deciding that they shouldn't bother since it wouldn't accomplish much of anything for them and would only waste time and money.

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