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Guide On Buying Toddler Life Jacket

One of the scariest things about being on, in, or near water with a little one, is making sure they are well protected. Getting the right life jacket for a toddler can be tricky because life jackets are usually heavy and a toddler can easily find it uncomfortable to be in. Therefore, before purchasing a life jacket one should consider the weight of the jacket and also the weight of the toddler. The reason for having the jacket and its color is also an important factor to consider since they serve different purposes, some are used for swimming while others are to be worn when the child is playing.

Another factor to consider is the cost of the life jacket and the nature of the areas in which the life jacket will be worn. This article will give a guideline to be followed while buying a life jacket for a toddler using examples of the most recommended life jacket to buy for different purposes.

The jackets are categorized into three categories which include the following;

Type 1 Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

It is worn by toddlers who only weigh not less than 11 pounds. This life jacket is worn by toddlers when they are on the off-shores.

Type 2 Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

It is one of the best toddler life jacket. This jacket is worn when the child is swimming in a pool or during fishing. It is necessary to have someone around them during this time. This life jacket enables a toddler to float and move freely on the water. They offer less floatability compared to Type 1.

Type 3 Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

It is worn when a child is swimming in a pool. It is also advisable that the child be in a pool that is well monitored. It can also be worn when a child is playing. This back of this life jacket has a grab strap used for safety. It prevents the vest from going up when a toddler is playing. The jacket gives less buoyancy compared to Type 2.

The following are some of the most recommended life jackets for toddlers;

Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket

It is worn when a child is swimming in the pool, lake or ocean. It is also certified for boating. It is recommended for toddlers. It is advocated for kids who are 3-6 years old. These kids must be able to swim put themselves in the right positions while in the water. This life jacket enables the children to move freely and they can be able to remain vertically while in the water. It is sold in online sporting stores and also boating and fishing gear stores at affordable prices. They are also found at websites like One Step Ahead and baby safety catalogs.

Stearns Child’s Classic Series Vest & Overton’s Children’s Nylon Vest

These two jackets are also highly endorsed. They are categorized as Type 3. And therefore they can only be used for boating. They are recommended for toddlers that weigh 30-50 lbs. Kids that are older can find it tight especially those that can position themselves well in water. They do not give support to the neck like Type 2. These jackets can be bought from online stores and sites like Amazon at prices that are cost friendly. Wal-Mart stores also sell these life jackets and also fishing and boating gear stores.

Lastly, all the factors discussed above should be considered while buying the right life jacket for a toddler. This helps the toddler to enjoy comfort while playing and engaging in other activities like swimming. It also guarantees the safety of the child which should be the most important factor to be considered.

What are your tips for finding toddler life jackets?

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