Easy Snow Day Activities

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Another snow day? That's not something you'll hear me say very often. We live in the Piedmont of North Carolina, where it rarely snows.Other areas around us are much more likely to see a significant accumulation of snow during a winter weather event, and it often leaves the kids disappointed that we didn't get any white stuff to play in. I have a love/hate relationship with snow. Growing up in New Jersey, I was used to life going on as usual if it snowed, unless there were several feet of snow or a blizzard.

We do tend to get a little bit excited when it actually snows in NC. We usually just get a lot of ice, which is a huge pain in the rear to deal with. Most of the southern stereotypes surrounding winter weather, I find to be true... the mere threat of wintry precipitation has a tendency to send folks into an excited frenzy and shut down schools and businesses. I've lived in NC for over twenty years, and as a parent, I'm actually glad that life slows down a bit and decision-makers make wise choices regarding the safety of students and staff when it comes to inclement weather.

So, we have ourselves a true snow day. What to do? I find it easy to let my kids drive me absolutely crazy if I don't take a break and enjoy the snow day right along with them. We're taking an opportunity as a family to do all the snow things today- easy, uneventful activities that anyone can do on a snow day.

Easy Snow Day Activities

Read a Good Book

Build in some quiet time for the whole family to unplug and read good old-fashioned books or magazines. If you're like me and you've had a book with a big 'READ ME' sticky note on the cover, sitting on your nightstand for months, this is your chance to put a dent in it. Curl up with a blanket, grab a cup of tea and read, read, read. Even the kids can get some quiet reading time in. Give them a stack of books you know they love to look at or read on their own. You might even like to pile the whole family together and read all together.

Watch a Movie... or Two

Watching a movie is a fun family activity. If it's especially cold and wet outside (and it will be if the snow is still falling). Pile a ton of cushions, pillows, and warm blankets on the floor and 'camp out' in the living room. Don't forget the popcorn!

Make Snow Cream

This is a must! If you've never had snow cream, you're missing out! Place a large bowl in a snowy area and wait until the bowl is filled with fresh, clean snow. 

14 oz Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 Cup Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
2-3 Cups Fresh Snow

Mix all ingredients together and mix with the snow. 
Place in an airtight container and freeze for 1 hour.
Top with your favorite toppings, such as hot fudge, sprinkles, etc.

Make a Snowman Pizza

You might not think of pizza as a preferred snow day meal choice, but it's 'snow' much fun to make a snowman shaped pizza! If you're like me, you probably keep pizza dough in the freezer for such pizza emergencies. Simply reshape the dough into a snowman and add sauce, cheese, and toppings as you like. My kids like their pizza plain, so we omitted the olives for eyes, etc.

Play in the Snow

Yes, it'll take you an hour to get the kids ready to go outside. There will be tears, and possibly gnashing of teeth. They won't want to leave their gloves on and will fight you on every layer you add to their little marshmallow bodies. You'll finally get outside, realize that it's cold as all get out, everyone will wind up red-cheeked and cold, and be crying to go back inside because they are wet and cold... but you'll have your snow day picture and will have captured yet another precious memory to add to the books, so it'll all be worth it.

Take a Nap

They're going to need some downtime after that trek out into the white powdery fluffy stuff, and trust me, you'll probably need one, too. If it's a true snow day, the sky will be cloudy and the house will be dark, making it almost too perfect for taking a nap. You might not plan to nod off while your littles snooze, but the day won't be over for a while, so you might as well let yourself catch a few extra Zzz's. Besides, snuggling with your sweeties is oh, so sweet!

Bust Out the LEGO or DUPLO Bricks

I'm not sure how we'd survive snow days, rainy days or weekends without LEGOs. In fact, hubby and I sometimes buy LEGO sets and stock them in the house just to have for special treats, or to save for rainy days. B had a bunch of LEGO sets that he got for Christmas that hadn't been opened yet, so he chose to work on one of the larger sets during the snow day. Kept him busy for quite a while, and it made me happy to see him involved in a project that didn't involve a screen. Baby S played with her DUPLO sets while B worked on his LEGO. Everyone was happy.

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What's your favorite way to spend a snow day? 
Tell us in the comments!

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